The All of Us Research Program

Faster Research for Better Health

The AAFP, along with 33 national community groups and health care provider associations, is partnering with the National Institutes of Health (NIH)( to promote the NIH’s grant-funded initiative, the All of Us Research Program(

All of Us is seeking the help of 1 million people—from all races and walks of life, asking them to share their unique health data. With support from people like you, researchers can use collected data to better understand health and disease, which could:

  • Identify a person’s risk for a certain disease.
  • Figure out which treatments work for which people.
  • Join people with the right clinical studies.
  • Test how mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets, can encourage people to take better care of their health.

Don’t wait. Join today.

Learn more about this initiative by reading the All of Us Program FAQs

All of Us Program Resources

Use these resources to share information with your colleagues and patients about the All of Us program.

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