AAFP Smoking Cessation Resources

The Time is Now to Help Your Patients Quit

Join the AAFP in the Great American Smokeout on November 21.

The Great American Smokeout is The American Cancer Society's annual effort to encourage smokers to begin making a plan to quit, or to quit on that day.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, and the AAFP is committed to providing resources to our members to help their patients quit. AAFP recognizes social determinants of health play a role in tobacco-use related disparities for many reasons. For example, those living in poverty and adults with lower education levels smoke cigarettes at a higher rate than the general population. There are often higher densities of tobacco retailers in low-socioeconomic areas, low-income African American communities and in communities with LGBTQ couples.

In 2019, AAFP has been advocating on behalf of our members to regulate tobacco products to prevent thousands of lives lost each year to tobacco use. The AAFP provided comments on many tobacco and nicotine issues, including regulating flavored tobacco products, nicotine level standards, premium cigars and potential illicit trade markets.  

AAFP offers the following tobacco cessation resources for physicians and patients to start the conversation and take steps toward smoke-free, healthier lives.