Minority patients are disproportionately affected by a number of chronic conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. For example, in the United States, 13.2% of non-Hispanic black adults (20 years of age or older) and 12.8% of Hispanic adults have diagnosed diabetes compared with only 7.6% of non-Hispanic white adults. Racial and ethnic minorities who have chronic conditions are also more likely to experience complications. During National Minority Health Month, the AAFP is promoting health equity by highlighting chronic disease management resources for you and your patients.

Effective management of chronic diseases is also the focus of the Family Medicine for America’s Health (FMAH) initiative in April. Information about family medicine’s role in chronic disease management is available from FMAH’s Healthy is Primary campaign.


Chronic Illness Resources

Rely on CME from the AAFP to gain knowledge, resources, and strategies that will help you diagnose and manage chronic conditions in your patients. Choose from self-study, online, and live course options to fit your CME needs.

Patient Education

Empower your patients who have chronic diseases to be active partners in managing them effectively. Practical information from FamilyDoctor.org can help your patients make changes that lead to better health.

Cultural Proficiency

Learn more about how to acknowledge and respect differences in your patients' diverse ethnic and sociocultural backgrounds. Taking these differences into account when you care for patients who have chronic diseases can improve their health outcomes.