AAFP EveryONE Project Social Needs Screening Tools

AAFP Chronic Pain Management Toolkit

Screening Tools and Resources to Advance Health Equity*

Family physicians understand that it is important to identify and address social determinants of health (SDOH) for individuals and families to achieve optimal health outcomes and whole-person care.

The AAFP is committed to helping you and your patients with a series of tools to use at the point of care by the practice team to quickly and efficiently screen your patients, act when needed, and link to community resources.

The AAFP is providing resources that you can customize to your individual practice, population, and community needs, and to help get you started. These tools are intended to be useful to you and your practice team.

Part I: Screening Your Patients

Part II: Assessing Your Practice

Social Needs Resources for Physicians

Screening Your Patients

AAFP Chronic Pain Management Toolkit

Guide to Social Needs Screening Tool and Resources

This toolkit includes a screening tool that can be adapted for your practice. While there are many social determinants that affect health, the needs addressed in this tool can often be addressed by community services, and are not routinely addressed by health care workers.

Provider Forms

The long-form version of the screening tool is intended for practices that choose to screen for additional needs.

Patient Forms - English

Patient Forms - Spanish

Patients may be more likely to disclose sensitive information, such as interpersonal violence, when the screening is self-administered.

Assessing Your Practice

AAFP Chronic Pain Management Toolkit

A Team-Based Approach for Advancing Health Equity

This implementation guide provides suggested changes family physicians and their practices can make to address their patients’ social determinants of health as a means for advancing health equity.

Practice Assessment

Use this tool to assess your practice environment and protocols for  addressing social determinants of health.

Patient Flow

Identify your start-to-finish process for patient visits and identify touchpoints to address their social needs.

Implementation Plan

Increase efficiencies in your practice protocols and patient flow by implementing a plan that engages your entire team.

Social Needs Resources for Physicians

Download these resources* for use in workplaces, health systems, and other places in your community.

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