Affiliated PBRNs

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The AAFP NRN is affiliated with numerous regional practice-based research networks through formal agreements to join forces and pool collective resources to collaborate on research for the best possible outcomes. 

The AAFP NRN is open to continued affiliation with additional PBRNs in order to facilitate knowledge sharing in the areas of research methodology and biostatistics; facilitate resource sharing in the area of information technology, network management, and communication; and increase the diversity of the population of patients cared for by the combined network members

For details on participating in the AAFP NRN as an affiliated network, please see our Affiliation Agreement (3-page PDF; About downloading files) or e-mail us at

We encourage all AAFP NRN members to also explore membership in their regional PBRN.

Affiliated Regional Networks

The AAFP NRN currently has signed affiliation agreements(208 KB DOC) with the following regional practice-base research networks: