Cancer Care by Family Physicians - A Qualitative Study of Physician and Patient Views

Study Description and Methods

This qualitative study was conducted to understand the role of family physicians in care of their patients undergoing cancer treatment. We phone-interviewed family physicians and their cancer patients. Physician interviews focused on their roles in cancer diagnosis, management, and care of cancer patients. Patient interviews concentrated on their satisfactions and frustrations with their family physician care.

Specific Aims and Objectives

To describe the ways in which family physicians and their patients undergoing active cancer treatment interact.


This study was conducted between August 20, 2001, and December 31, 2001.


This study is complete.

Key Findings and Publications

Family physicians fulfill a number of important roles in caring for their patients with an active diagnosis of cancer. More research using representative samples is needed to determine the generalizability of these findings, but this study gives us some preliminary insight into the role family physicians play in cancer care.

Access the complete manuscript:

Physician and Patient Views of Cancer Care by Family Physicians: A Study from the AAFP National Research Network.(6 page PDF) Hickner JM, Kent S, Naragon P, et al. Fam Med. 2007;39(2):126-131.

Contact Information

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This study was funded by a grant from AAFP Annual Clinical Focus.