Caregiver Resources

Caregiver Resources

For patients who have cognitive impairment, it is essential that the physician have clear and supportive communication with caregivers to manage the needs of the patient. This section provides resources to help the physician and other caregivers communicate clearly on the implementation of the care plan.

Alzheimer’s Disease Resources(
The National Institutes of Health Senior Health resource provides information about Alzheimer’s disease caregiving.

Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease(
The Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease guide is designed for family members and caregivers of people who have Alzheimer’s disease. It provides helpful information about the disease, making the patient’s home safe, managing daily activities, and planning for the future.

Caregiver Resources & Long-Term Care(
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides information on issues such as supporting the caregiver, support from a distance, elder care assistance, alternatives to nursing homes, and government health resources.

Caregiver Resources( provides resources for caregivers, as well as guiding caregivers to local resources. Caregivers can get day-to-day help, access to support groups, and other planning resources.

Caregiver Information Sheet: Agitation(
The Alzheimer’s Association developed a resource for caregivers and others who work with people who have Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. Agitation is an issue that may be difficult to deal with and this fact sheet provides helpful tips to help calm and resolve the situation.

Communicating Using a Therapeutic Response/Emotional Truth(
The Alzheimer’s Association developed a resource for caregivers to help them communicate with a patient who has dementia when sensitive questions are asked. The resource provides information and support for caregivers dealing with difficult interactions.

Tips to Minimize Unwanted Actions in Person with Dementia(
The Alzheimer’s Association developed a resource to help minimize unwanted actions in persons who have dementia. This resource lists a number of tips and scenarios to be mindful of as caregivers work closely with a patient who has dementia.

Elder Rights Protection(
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging provides a resource for elder rights protection, as well as programs and services related to elder justice.

Age Page: Elder Abuse(
The National Institute on Aging resource provides background and guidance on elder abuse, and actions to prevent or report abuse. It also lists resources about the long-term effects of abuse and caregiver stress.