Conclusions: Background and Trends – DNI/DSI Webcast Part 8

Transcript - Part 8

Conclusions: Background and Trends

So a few conclusions, the first on background and trends. We see increased use of both prescription medication, dietary supplements over the last decade. Simply because of that trend, we're having a higher potential interaction rate, and I think the potential is just a potential, especially if we do the counseling and having a full open discussion. Just because they're using those, gives us the opportunity to let them know when it's appropriate and maybe some guidance for when it's not, especially in our more high-risk patients.

Currently, meaning prior to this webinar, resources you may think are not always at hand, the topic is not always brought up, again, more than half the time it's not, optimal counseling doesn't happen. But I'm hoping with some of the tools that we discussed, the framework and the environment that that discussion does happen more often, that we do ask, we do let our patients know that we do think it's important, and we do want to know, and we are going to try to get it on the electronic medical record, at least in some fashion for our colleagues to also benefit from that information.

Finally, the key to this is preparedness. Important to be prepared by creating an environment for discussion, asking very openly, having a framework for discussion and documentation as we talked about, and having resources to really support that discussion.

I want to finish by saying, again, thank you to Nature Made for helping to organize this talk and being a financial support for the AAFP, who was able to provide the resources and make this available to their attendees and their members.

It's a pleasure for me, again, to help with any guidance points here. Thank you.