Preventive medicine is critical to helping people live longer, healthier lives, and keeping health care costs down. Promoting immunizations to your patients can significantly improve outcomes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), vaccinations will prevent more than 21 million hospitalizations and 730,000 deaths among children born in the last 20 years.1 The CDC estimates that for every $1 invested in vaccines, $10.20 is saved in direct medical costs.2

The AAFP believes that all children and adults, regardless of economic and insurance status, should have access to all immunizations.

The following resources will help your practice navigate barriers and increase rates. Find the latest AAFP vaccination recommendations, schedules, and disease-specific vaccinations.

Addressing Decline in Immunization Rates

CDC Guidance: Immunizations During Pandemic

Family physicians offer insight on the new CDC guidance and tips for discussing the importance of immunizations with patients.

Worth a Shot: Home Visits Keep Kids Up to Date in Pandemic

A physician talks about the disruption of routine vaccinations, and how home visits, including immunizations, are now part of her practice

Vaccines 4 Teens

An easy-to-use collection of materials to customize and use for educating parents/guardians and teen patients about four recommended immunizations.

AAFP Immunization-Related Guidelines and Policies

AAFP Immunization-Related Research

Immunization Office Champions Projects

Office Champions projects provide tools and strategies to a limited number of practices to test and develop effective ways to promote immunizations. Read summary reports about these studies

Patient Education Resources

Search for "vaccines" on and you'll find a variety of articles you can use with patients. This includes topics like: