Practice Leadership

Lead Practices That Advance Health Equity

The tools provided here can be used by family physicians and their practice teams to create a culture that values health equity and team-based approaches for addressing the social determinants of health - essential elements of practices that advance health equity. This can help ensure that patient care is instinctively made with health equity in mind and provides a plan for addressing the social determinants of health based on your practice's unique circumstances by clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the entire practice team.

This implementation guide offers tips for creating a practice culture that values health equity and a planned team-based approach for addressing social determinants of health. 

Build a Culture of Health Equity in Your Practice

Organizational culture includes the underlying beliefs, assumptions and values held by the practice team. This can have immense impact on patient care. The resources here are intended to help you build a culture of health equity in your practice by: 

Learn about your patients' communities and social influences on health

Uncover Potential Biases in Your Practice

PowerPoint presentations to help facilitate an in-service or lunch-and-learn session with your practice team to help build your culture of health equity.

Social Factors and Health

Implicit Bias

Cultural Proficiency

Health Literacy

Define a Team-Based Approach to Health Equity

Tools to help identify small changes you and your practice team can make to integrate SDOH into your practice.

Practice Assessment

Patient Flow Evaluation

Implementation Plan