Owning a Practice

Five Key Metrics for Financial Success in Your Practice

Many providers are under the impression they can assess the financial health of their practice by evaluating cash flow only. However, cash flow is just one factor. You don't have to be a finance expert to understand the other important metrics that should be calculated and reviewed when evaluating the revenue cycle.

The AAFP has put together a series of online education modules to help you understand the five key metrics in revenue cycle management. Obtain a better understanding of the following topics and why they are important for your practice:

Closing or Selling Your Practice

Retiring, selling, or closing your practice can be an exciting but complicated time in a physician's life. You may feel consumed by details and deadlines involved with the closing process and may be wondering where to begin. The AAFP has resources to assist you in this transition.

Five Key Metrics for
Financial Success in Your Practice

AAFP members can access the archived version of a presentation on how to achieve financial success from the 2015 AAFP Assembly.

Download presentation »(24 page PDF)

ICD-10 Toolkit

ICD-10 Help for Small Practices

CMS has released a toolkit designed specifically to assist small practices with the transition to ICD-10. Build customized action plans for the needs of your individual practices from any stage in your transition to ICD-10.

Learn more »(www.roadto10.org)