EHR Product Select & Implement

Selecting & Implementing an EHR

Information about selecting and implementing the right electronic health record (EHR) for your practice.

  • Introduction to EHRs

    An overview of EHR technology, including common terms used when discussing EHR technology and implementation, and potential benefits of an EHR.

  • Before You Implement an EHR

    Learn how setting a goal to be paperless is essential in planning your EHR implementation, the characteristics of a successful implementation, and how e-prescribing can boost your productivity.

  • Understanding EHR Contracting & Pricing

    Learn the most common EHR pricing structures, the necessary components of researching an EHR, and information on return on investment (ROI) calculations.

  • Features & Functions

    What are the must-have features of an EHR? Also learn about studying your current workflow and envisioning new workflow options for the EHR.

  • EHR Hardware Basics

    Become familiar with basic terms and functions related to electronic hardware, how components in a computer network function, and the differences between desktops, laptops, and tablet PCs.

  • Getting Your Practice Ready for an EHR

    Identify priorities, colleague interest, and become familiar with common issues and techniques related to transitioning old records.

  • Selecting the Right EHR

    Learn about the different products available, discussion boards for networking with other EHR doctors, and how site visits and office demonstrations can help in the selection process.

  • Workflow & Redesign

    Learn the keys to successfully redesigning the workflow in your practice, how to analyze and enhance patient flow, and how the flow of information affects your overall workflow.

  • Managing the EHR Implementation

    Learn the different stages of implementation, including how to manage each stage and becoming familiar with issues you will face after your launch.

  • Migrating Old Records

    Learn about the various methods for migrating your old paper charts to your new EHR.

  • Successful EHR Implementation Stories

    The physicians and staff in these family practices have successfully implemented EHRs. Read their stories and get inspired.

The AAFP has become the newest member of a collaboration known as AmericanEHR Partners.

The collaboration includes 20 other professional medical organizations and Cientis Technologies, and means that family physicians shopping for an electronic health record (EHR) system now have access to resources that include clinician-provided comments and ratings.

Explore the AAFP’s interactive web portal for resources dedicated to improving physician well-being.

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Explore the AAFP’s interactive web portal for resources dedicated to improving physician well-being.

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