AAFP Proficiency Testing
AAFP Proficiency Testing

Rely on AAFP-PT to maintain laboratory excellence.

Convenience. Quality. Cost savings.

AAFP-PT is the laboratory proficiency testing program from a name you can trust: The American Academy of Family Physicians, a national medical association offering proficiency testing for high quality laboratory results for over 25 years.

AAFP-PT is the only laboratory proficiency testing provider to focus on the unique needs of physician office laboratories, urgent care centers, and small hospital laboratories. Our external quality control process determines the performance of a laboratory on specific tests to ensure the most accurate results that are crucial to patient care.

With only three shipments a year, convenient and fast customer service, and competitive prices, AAFP-PT helps you maintain laboratory excellence and ensure CLIA compliance.

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AAFP-PT: More Choices. Better Care for Your Patients.

  • Comprehensive list of specimens, plus nine new modules in 2019, many compatible with molecular methods
  • Only three shipments a year
  • Team of experienced med techs to provide technical support
  • Cost competitive, plus 10% discount on orders with three or more laboratory locations


Contact us at pt@aafp.org or (800) 274-7911, or see our AAFP-PT FAQ.

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