AAFP-PT Event Test Kit Information

AAFP Proficiency Testing

AAFP-PT sends shipments containing clinically-relevant specimens to your laboratory three times a year.

If any specimens or documents are not received within 5 days of the shipping date, please notify AAFP-PT for assistance at pt@aafp.org or (800)274-7911. It is the participant’s responsibility to know when kits are due to arrive.

2018 Shipment Schedule

KIT 2018-A
KIT 2018-A: Ship date: March 5
KIT 2018-A: Last day for replacements: March 19
KIT 2018-A: Results deadline: March 28
KIT 2018-B
KIT 2018-B: Ship date: June 4
KIT 2018-B: Last day for replacements: June 18
KIT 2018-B: Results deadline: June 27
KIT 2018-C
KIT 2018-C: Ship date: October 1
KIT 2018-C: Last day for replacements: October 15
KIT 2018-C: Results deadline: October 24

2019 Shipment Schedule

KIT 2019-A
KIT 2019-A: Ship date: March 4
KIT 2019-A: Last day for replacements: March 18
KIT 2019-A: Results deadline: March 27
KIT 2019-B
KIT 2019-B: Ship date: June 3
KIT 2019-B: Last day for replacements: June 17
KIT 2019-B: Results deadline: June 26
KIT 2019-C
KIT 2019-C: Ship date: October 7
KIT 2019-C: Last day for replacements: October 21
KIT 2019-C: Results deadline: October 30
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Email: pt@aafp.org

Call: (800) 274-7911



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Receiving Your Kit

  • Remind your office staff to refrigerate the kit upon receipt. A cold pack is included in the kit, but by the time you receive it, the cold pack might be thawed and the contents may be warm. This will not damage the manufactured specimens.
  • When your proficiency testing specimens arrive, examine the kit for missing or damaged material.  If necessary, notify AAFP-PT at pt@aafp.org or visit your PT Central home page(www.pt-central.com) to request missing specimens. Replacement specimens are available as long as quantities last.
  • Most modules (with exception of Clinical Microscopy modules) are packaged in white Styrofoam containers and transported by FedEx 2-day shipping service. Upon receipt of your modules, remove all documents from the front pocket of the Styrofoam container (includes: attestation statement, a list of specimens with corresponding modules packed in your kit, microscopy photos, and other event documents). The attestation statement includes fields for the Medical Director and testing personnel signatures and for the date when the testing was performed.
  • Clinical Microscopy modules 638 and 641 are shipped in standard 6x9 envelopes by U.S. mail.

Test Instructions

General and specific testing instructions for PT specimen handling can be found by clicking the module name on your PT Central home page(www.pt-central.com).

Unless your instrument requires special settings to run the PT specimens, proceed with testing following the manufacturer’s instructions for patient testing.