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About PT Central

The AAFP-PT Online Access System( is an easy-to-follow reporting tool for your laboratory needs featuring:

  • Results that can be quickly and easily submitted online; your account includes your analytes and methods
  • No computer set-up requirements
  • Automatic email notice that your results have been received
  • Access to all of your lab evaluations and forms
  • Email notice when your evaluation is ready

AAFP-PT continues to ship three times per year, as well as provide CME opportunities for everyone in the lab.

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Requesting Records

Copies of data submissions and evaluations from previous events may be viewed and printed from your PT Central( homepage.

CLIA regulations require that all laboratories retain certain records for a designated period of time, generally two years. It is the laboratory's responsibility to make copies of all results that are submitted to the PT provider.

The following documents should be retained in your PT records for at least two years:

  • The attestation statement, which is found on the front cover of the test kit packet. The statement should be completed with the signature of both the medical director and the testing personnel, as well as the date that the testing was performed.
  • All submitted results and the PT evaluations for each testing event.
  • PT-related forms and documentation of any problems or special circumstances relating to each PT event.
  • Results of investigation and documentation of any corrective action for any PT performance failure.