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Better Payment, Better Care
Better Payment, Better Care
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Harness the impact of continuity of care

A hallmark of family medicine is the formation of long-term, caring relationships with patients.

Because these relationships matter, high rates of continuity of care lead to better patient outcomes, stronger quality performance, and, potentially, increased payment.

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Utilize the AAFP TIPS Continuity of Care resource to discover how the long-term patient-physician relationship possibly impacts your practice's outcomes. Discounted for members, you and your team will be able to walk through the assessment of your practice's rate of continuity of care and act to make improvements.


John Meigs, MD, knows firsthand how his history with a patient directly impacted his ability to catch a heart issue early that, if left untreated, could have resulted in a tragic ending.

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Fighting for Family Medicine

The AAFP works to ensure value-based payment reflects the great value of care provided by family physicians. This work is reaping rewards with the CMS announcement of the Primary Care First and Direct Contracting paths and five participation options.

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Transform Your Practice
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Focus on Continuity of Care With AAFP TIPS

Engage your team to improve and measure continuity of care in your practice with AAFP TIPS™, Transformation in Practice Series, designed specifically for family medicine.

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