Succeed in Value-based Care

Better Payment, Better Care
Better Payment, Better Care
Annual wellness visit

Zero in on patients at increased risk in your practice

To succeed in a value-based care model, family physicians first need to understand their patient panel risk levels.

Empaneling your patients allows you and your staff to determine the patient load best suited for your practice. Applying risk stratification to your patient population can help you to identify those most in need of care coordination services. These include billable services, such as Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit, Chronic Care Management, and Transitional Care Management.

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The AAFP provides the resources to walk you and your staff through the process of risk-stratifying your patient panel with the RSCM Rubric (free to members), a framework on how to identify and assign health risk level and then create a care plan based on it.

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A study, co-authored by Sandra Kamnetz, M.D., demonstrates how empanelment allows practices to determine staffing needs, set compensation, and provide better patient care.

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Fighting for Family Medicine

The AAFP fights for what family physicians need every day. We are advocating for electronic health record functionality to support family physicians rather than hinder them.

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Transform Your Practice
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Create and Maintain Patient Panels

Transform your practice with AAFP TIPS™. Learn about the importance of patient panels and how to create them for physicians and care teams.

Focus on Continuity of Care

Engage your team to improve and measure continuity of care in your practice with AAFP TIPS™, designed specifically for family medicine.

Implement Risk-stratified Care Management

The RSCM Rubric provides a framework to help you identify and assign health risk level.

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