Empowering Your Team to Increase Efficiency

How to Get Started With Team Documentation

Learn how to implement team documentation in your practice. Understand how to evaluate the value of team-based care, build a business case for team documentation, and identify steps to get stated with these tools.

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Achieve the Quadruple Aim With Team-based Care

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Team-based care can provide a financially sustainable model to increase practice efficiencies and help you move toward the quadruple aim.

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The Value of Team Documentation

Team documentation can improve patient care, reduce administrative burden, and mitigate some of the factors that lead to physician burnout. But did you know it can also help your bottom line?


Team Documentation: Learn How to Get Started

AAFP TIPS™ Transformation in Practice Series helps you build a business case for team documentation and identify steps to implement it in your practice.

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Learn From Those Who've Done It

Read about the experiences of fellow family physicians who have successfully implemented team-based care in their practices, and learn from their challenges and successes.

Team-based Care: Do What You Do Best

Peter Anderson, MD, was struggling with an insurmountable daily workload and declining finances in his practice. Learn how team-based care helped him turn his business around, improve patient satisfaction and practice efficiency, and fall in love with medicine again.

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A Team-based Care Model That Improves Job Satisfaction

Read this FPM Journal article to learn how a team-based care pilot has convinced Corey Lyon, DO, that leaning on the team results in improved access, clinical metrics, and physician and staff professional satisfaction.

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Empower CMAs and Nursing Staff to Improve Team-based Care

In this FPM Journal article, James Jerzak, MD, discusses how empowering CMAs and nursing staff to operate at the top of their skills has helped Bellin Health, a community-based health care system, improve patient population health while providing burnout relief for health care workers.

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Fighting for Family Medicine

Increasing payment and reducing administrative burdens for family physicians remain top priorities for the AAFP. This is why we continue to aggressively pursue solutions that promote fair compensation and improve physician well-being.

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Jennifer Sewing, D.O., has seen how medical scribes can ease administrative burden and let her care for more patients—all while paying for themselves by increasing her productivity.

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Team Documentation: Boosting Care Quality and Reducing Burnout

Watch as James Jerzak, MD, and AAFP SVP, Education Clif Knight, MD, discuss how advanced team-based care can help improve the care of patients and bring joy back to your practice.

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