Making Sense of the QRUR

The Quality and Resource Use Report (QRUR) provides data that shows how you are performing within Medicare Quality Payment Programs. This four-part on-demand series provides guidance in using that data to evaluate and improve the care you provide to your patients:

Overview and Performance Highlights

Do you wonder how your performance on quality and cost measures compares to your peers? As CMS moves rapidly toward value-based payment (VBP), physicians need an understanding of the factors used to determine value and the financial stakes involved. This introductory video shows you how to use the QRUR to determine your standing in terms of VBP.

The Quality Component

What can you do to improve your quality score? This video explains key concepts used in calculating the QRUR quality component, such as domain weighting, risk stratification, patient attribution, and benchmarking. You’ll be able to identify specific targets and develop strategies for improvement.

The Cost Component

Family physicians are now being held responsible for costs of chronic and acute conditions that are sensitive to ambulatory care. Discover what these conditions are, how patients are attributed to you, the factors that have the greatest impact on cost, and what efforts have proven successful in cost reduction.

Preparing for MACRA

Since CMS is changing its approach to value-based payment, is any of this still relevant? The QRUR or its successor will remain your primary feedback report as we move into MACRA and payment under MIPS and APMs. Learn what is changing and what is staying the same in new Quality Payment Programs (QPP), and plan your approach to the transition.