Transform Your Practice With AAFP TIPS

AAFP TIPS Transformation In Practice Series
AAFP TIPS Transformation In Practice Series

Whether you are trying to implement medical home functions, streamline processes, or enhance the patient experience, AAFP TIPS resources make practice improvement faster and easier.

Our team-based tools are designed specifically for family medicine. Here’s what you’ll get:

Practical tools plus related instructional videos that help you grasp concepts and make improvements right away.

Brief, interactive learning courses that are perfect for self-study or group use.

Customizable presentations for group training.


Agenda Setting
CME: 2.00 AAFP Prescribed credits

Make the most of each patient visit. Educate your team on prioritizing patient and physician concerns.

Free to Members and Nonmembers


Learn about the importance of patient panels and how to create them for physicians and care teams.

Quality Improvement

Explore the benefits, concepts, and steps for quality improvement that can enhance the care you provide.

Clinical Data Registries

Uncover the benefits of registries, and learn how to select and implement them in your practice.


Continuity of Care

Examine continuity in ambulatory primary care, including measurement and improvement.



Team Documentation

CME: 2.00 AAFP Prescribed credits

Build a business case for team documentation and identify steps to implement it in your practice.

Free to Members

Benefits for You and Your Team

  • Save time researching and implementing practice improvement efforts by using resources curated specifically for family medicine teams.
  • Share knowledge with your team and build competencies using interactive, mobile-friendly learning options.
  • Implement improvements your way using customizable tools and instructional videos.
  • Maximize learning at team meetings by using short, prepared slide decks and speaker notes to facilitate discussions.

Interested in using AAFP TIPS for academic or residency programs?