Resident Program Directors: Train Your Residents to Transform Their Practice WIth AAFP TIPS

AAFP TIPS Transformation In Practice Series
AAFP TIPS Transformation In Practice Series

Train your residents to make small, impactful changes that yield big results in their daily practice with AAFP TIPS. Created specifically for family medicine teams, AAFP TIPS provides intuitive, ready-to-use tools and training in multiple formats that foster both individual and group learning.

AAFP TIPS topics can help your team streamline processes and enhance the patient experience.

AAFP TIPS includes:

Practical, team-based tools with related instructional videos

Mobile-friendly, interactive courses

Customizable slide decks for training and team discussions

Quick and easy training that fits into a busy daily schedule


Featured Topic:

Agenda Setting

CME: 2.00 AAFP Prescribed credits

Make the most of each patient visit. Educate your team on prioritizing patient and physician concerns.

Explore key definitions of patient visit agenda setting.
Understand the benefits of implementing agenda setting in a family physician practice.
Identify strategies to increase visit efficiency using agenda setting alignment tactics.

Topic includes: three online learning courses, three customizable slide decks, and 10 downloadable tools.

Other Topics


Learn about the importance of patient panels and how to create them for physicians and care teams.

Understand and review the steps for creating a patient panel.
Understand how to assess supply and demand for your practice.
Learn how to identify the ideal patient panel size and refine panels.

Topic includes: three online learning courses, three customizable slide decks, and five downloadable tools.

Quality Improvement  

Explore the benefits, concepts, and steps for quality improvement that can enhance the care you provide.

Identify four simple steps to quality improvement.
Explore data sources that are typically available to family medicine practices.
Learn how to use run charts to display data and tell your QI story.

Topic includes: two online learning courses, three customizable slide decks, and six downloadable tools.

Clinical Data Registries

Uncover the benefits of registries, and learn how to select and implement them in your practice.

Define a clinical data registry (CDR).
Examine the cost and potential qualitative and quantitative return on investment of a CDR.
Understand how using a clinical data registry can help physicians meet reporting requirements.

Topic includes: four online learning courses, four customizable slide decks, and eight downloadable tools.

Continuity of Care

Examine continuity in ambulatory primary care, including measurement and improvement.

Define and calculate patient-centered and clinician-centered continuity of care.
Identify strategies to engage all practice staff in improving continuity of care.
Examine practice situations that make it challenging to establish or improve continuity of care.

Topic includes: three online learning courses, three customizable slide decks, and nine downloadable tools.

Team Documentation

CME: 2.00 AAFP Prescribed credits

Learn how to build a business case for team documentation and find steps to implement it in your practice.

Identify the potential cost and time savings of team documentation.
Understand the workflow and benefits of implementing two team documentation models.
Understand how to pilot and implement team documentation.

Topic includes: three online learning courses, three customizable slide decks, and 10 downloadable tools.

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Team Documentation Topic
3-6 Users: Free for AAFP members
Courtesy of the Physician Health First initiative.
Agenda Setting Topic3-6 Users: Free to AAFP Members and Nonmembers
Funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washiington PCORI Engagement Award (EA # 11569).
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