• About AFP

    American Family Physician (AFP) is the AAFP's editorially independent, peer-reviewed and evidence-based clinical journal. Published monthly in print and online, AFP delivers concise, easy-to-read clinical review articles for physicians and other health care professionals.


    The journal is indexed in MEDLINE and CINAHL.

    ISSN: 0002-838X (Print); 1532-0650 (Electronic)

    Mission and Goals of American Family Physician

    Mission Statement:

    To empower family physicians to improve the health of patients and communities as the leading source of medical information while advancing science and health equity.


    1. To publish high-quality, evidence-based, peer-reviewed, clinical content relevant to family physicians, thereby enhancing their ability to care for patients at the point of care and beyond.

    2. To be an official scientific publication of the American Academy of Family Physicians with an independent editorial voice.

    3. To report recent advances in medical research of interest to family physicians, derived from other medical journals, medical organizations, and related sources.

    4. To serve as a forum for clinical opinion in matters related to family medicine. 

    5. To highlight and support scholarship and continuing medical education about social determinants of health, health disparities, antiracism and social justice.

    6. To be a vehicle for disseminating important medical guidelines from other major medical organizations, public and private.

    7. To systematically cover a comprehensive “core curriculum” of topics in family medicine, and thereby aid family physicians in meeting the recertification and membership requirements of the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

    8. To supplement the educational needs of other physicians and health care professionals served by the journal.

    9. To promote the specialty of family medicine among the medical community, the federal and state governments, the American health care system, and medical learners.

    10. To critically review new drug products, medical devices, and clinical aids relevant to family physicians.

    11. To be a preferred journal for submitting clinical review articles and commentary by family physicians.

    12. To anticipate and use the full spectrum of media platforms to meet the information needs of family physicians in any setting, including the point of care.

    13. To promote scholarship in the specialty of family medicine.