• Rationale and Comments

    Monitoring of glucose levels and maintaining adequate glycemic control for gestational diabetes are paramount to decreasing adverse outcomes, including stillbirth. If nutritional modification and glucose monitoring alone control maternal glycemic status such that pharmacological therapy is not required, the risk of stillbirth due to uteroplacental insufficiency is not increased. Thus, the use of routine antepartum testing (e.g., biophysical profile or nonstress test) in the absence of other comorbidities is not indicated.

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    • Retrospective cohort study


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    • Rosenstein MG, Cheng YW, Snowden JM, Nicholson JM, Doss AE, Caughey AB. The risk of stillbirth and infant death stratified by gestational age in women with gestational diabetes. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2012;206:309.e1-7.