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    AFP Clinical Answers

    Reviews of AFP's content using key clinical questions and evidence-based answers.

    AFP Journal Club

    Reviews of journal articles by three presenters who provide their opinions.

    Clinical Evidence Handbook: A Publication of BMJ Publishing Group

    Excerpted collection from the Clinical Evidence Handbook, published by BMJ Publishing Group.

    Close-Ups: A Patient's Perspective

    First-person accounts focusing on the patient and the doctor-patient relationship.

    Cochrane for Clinicians: Putting Evidence into Practice

    Summaries of reviews from the Cochrane Library.

    Curbside Consultation

    Legal, psychological, and ethical encounters found in physicians' day-to-day practices.

    Diagnostic Tests: What Physicians Need to Know

    Structured approach providing concise reviews of new diagnostic tests.

    Diary of a Family Physician

    First-person accounts from the front lines of family medicine.

    Editorials: Controversies in Family Medicine

    Presentation of different views of current clinical issues in family medicine.

    FPIN's Clinical Inquiries

    Short, concise, evidence-based answers to clinical questions found in family medicine.

    FPIN's Help Desk Answers

    Short, concise, evidence-based answers to clinical questions found in family medicine.

    Graham Center Policy One-Pagers

    Summaries of research and perspectives pertinent to family practice advocacy, produced by the Robert Graham Center: Policy Studies in Family Medicine and Primary Care in Washington, DC.

    Implementing AHRQ Effective Health Care Reviews

    Summaries of AHRQ's comparative effectiveness reviews, produced by their Effective Health Care Program.

    Lown Right Care: Reducing Overuse and Underuse

    Collaboration between AFP and the Lown Institute to promote a vision for delivering true to the evidence, balanced in approach, and patient-focused health care.

    Medicine by the Numbers

    Evidence-based ratings from the NNT Group of therapies, diagnostic tests, and risk assessments.

    Photo Quiz

    Clinical diagnostic challenges based on a photograph(s) and brief clinical scenario.

    Point-of-Care Guides

    Evidence-based tools to assist physicians' decision-making at the point of care.

    POEMs: Patient-Oriented Evidence That Matters

    Summaries of research that are relevant to physicians and patients that meet three specific criteria.

    POEMS: Top 20 POEMS by Year

    AFP's annual collection of a variety of topics with the potential to change practice.

    Practice Guidelines

    Summary of clinical recommendations from major medical organizations and the government.

    Putting Prevention Into Practice: An Evidence-Based Approach

    Series of short reports and quizzes based on guidelines from the USPSTF.

    STEPS: New Drug Reviews

    Information about new drugs from the perspective of five attributes to be considered when weighing the advantages of one drug over another.

    U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

    Summaries of guidelines issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.