What is a PDMP?
PDMPs collect data from pharmacies on dispensed controlled substance prescriptions, and make those data available to authorized users through a secure, electronic database. Currently, 48 states have operating PDMPs.
Warning signs for opioid misuse
Early refills
The same or similar prescriptions from multiple physicians simultaneously (doctor-shopping)
Dangerous drug-drug interactions (opioids and benzodiazepines)
Total morphine milligram equivalents exceeding 120 mg per day
False signs of opioid misuse
Patients who are receiving care in a group practice or an academic teaching hospital, where doctors commonly cover for each other, should not be confused with patients who are doctor-shopping.
Patients who are receiving prescriptions for limited quantities (e.g., a two-week prescription as part of an opioid taper) should not be confused with patients who are getting early refills.