• 2020 AFP Peer Reviewers

    Acknowledging and Thanking AFP's Peer Reviewers for 2020

    Sumi M. Sexton, MD, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, District of Columbia

    Peer review continues to be an essential and valuable process for the journal, and we are very appreciative of the work reviewers do in helping us develop sound content for AFP. In addition to recognizing peer reviewers for volunteering their time, we continue to highlight reviewers who provided exceptional feedback and received a high rating on the reviews they provided to AFP authors and editors (listed in bold). An archive of past AFP peer reviewers is available. My hope is to continually improve our processes, enrich the skills of our current and future reviewers, and highlight more exceptional reviewers year after year.

    If you are interested in reviewing for AFP, please visit the Reviewers' Guide and complete a reviewer profile, or email us at afpjournal@aafp.org. For new reviewers, we highly recommend that you find a mentor for your first review. Please let us know if you are interested in mentoring others in the peer review process.

    Editor's note: Dr. Sexton is Editor-in-Chief of AFP.

    Joyce Adams, MD
    Niran S. Al-Agba, MD
    Amir Alakaam, PhD, MS, RDN, LN, MBChB
    Emily Albright, MD
    Tanya Elizabeth Anim, MD, FAAFP
    Harshith Reddy Avula, MD, MPH
    R. Eugene Bailey, MD
    I. Cori Baill, MD, NCMP, FACOG
    David Bamberger, MD
    Robert L. Barkin, MBA, PharmD, NHA
    Courtney Leigh Barnes, MPH, MD
    Aleksandr Belakovskiy, MD
    Catherine M. Bettcher, MD
    Subhash C. Bhatia, MD, MB, BS
    Rajib K. Bhattacharya, MD
    Stephanie R. Bialek, MD, MPH
    Laura M. Blinkhorn, MD*
    Michael Bogaisky, MD
    Christopher M. Boisselle, MD
    James P. Borgstede, MD
    Azra Borogovac, MD
    John C. Brancato, MD
    Glenn Braunstein, MD
    Peter J. Carek, MD, MS
    Eugene Carragee, MD
    Caroline Castillo, MD
    William E. Cayley, Jr., MD, MDiv
    Andy Chern, MD, MPH
    Donna M. Cohen, MD, MSc
    Jeffrey M. Cohen, MD
    Carrie Cwiak, MD

    Robert Dachs, MD
    Joshua Dahlke, MD
    William Alexander Dalrymple, MD
    James M. Daniels, MD, MPH, RMSK

    Alec DeCastro, MD
    Neelima Denduluri, MD
    Christina DeRemer, PharmD
    Kristi Tough DeSapri, MD
    Mark E. Deutchman, MD
    Paul S. Dhillon, MBBCh
    Mark A. Dixon, PhD
    Joanna Drowos, DO, MPH, MBA
    Tina Dumont, MD, PhD
    Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, MD
    Richard Ericson, MD, FACC

    Jamie Feldman, MD, PhD
    Steven Feldman, MD, PhD
    Edward R. Feller, MD
    Megan L. Ferderber, MD, CAQSM, FAAFP
    Heather Finlay-Morreale, MD
    Melanie A. Fisher, MD, MACP, MSc*
    Brian Ford, MD, FAAFP
    Daniel Jason Frasca, DO*
    Andrew M. Freeman, MD
    Bishara J. Freij, MD*
    Sean Frey, MD
    Jeanetta Frye, MD
    Kriti D. Gandhi, MD
    Shravan Kumar Reddy Gangula, MD
    David Stephen Garcia, MD

    Peter Gerbino, MD
    Richard Anthony Giovane, MD*
    Scot Bradley Glasberg, MD
    Deborah Glassman, MD
    Michael Glick, MD
    Stephen John Gluckman, MD
    Laura Williams Goff, MD
    Christopher W. Goodman, MD
    David Steven Gregory, MD*

    Anne D. Halli-Tierney, MD
    Diane M. Harper, MD, MPH, MS
    Stephen Helms, MD
    Joel Herness, MD
    Marc P. Hilgers, MD, PhD, FAAFP, FAMSSM
    Cherie Cerella Hill, MD
    Natalie F. Holt, MD, MPH
    Gretchen Homan, MD
    Erin M. Horsley, DO
    Alison Noell Huffstetler, MD

    Duncan Hughes, MD, MPH
    Lloyd David Hughes, BSc, MBChB, DGM, DAPCM, MRCGP
    Edward A. Jackson, MD
    A. Patrick Jonas, MD
    Christopher E. Jonas, DO, FAAFP, CAQSM
    Maura J. Jones, PharmD
    Anubhav Kanwar, MD*

    Hayah Kassis-George, MD
    Michael G. Kavan, PhD
    Nicholas A. Kessides, MD
    Judy Lu Kim, MD*

    Scott Klass, MD, MS
    Ruhail Kohli, MBBCh, BAO*
    Peter Kouides, MD*
    Katelyn E. Krivchenia, MD

    Tara Neubert Kumaraswami, MD, MPH
    Robert C. Langan, MD
    Rotem Lapidot, MD, MSCI
    Allen R. Last, MD, MPH
    Lawrence M. Leeman, MD, MPH*

    Townes Randolph Leigh, Jr., DO, CAQSM
    Jaime D. Lewis, MD
    Paola Lichtenberger, MD
    Robert Lipsitz, MD, MPH, MA
    Elizabeth G. Livingston, MD

    Richard S. Lucidi, MD, FACOG
    Hitesh Makkar, MD*
    Christian T. Marcum, DO*

    Kari L. Martin, DO
    Eric Morgen Matheson, MD, MS
    Jason M. Matuszak, MD, FAAFP, COQSM, RMSK*
    Todd D. McDiarmid, MD

    Vivek Rashmikant Mehta, MBBS
    Elissa Meites, MD, MPH, FAAFP
    Ganesh Prasad Merugu, MD, CMD
    Thomas C. Michels, MD, MPH
    David Clinton Miller, MD, MBA, FAAFP, FAPCR
    Kenneth Moon, MD

    Anna Camille Moreno, DO
    Fernando Moreno, MD*
    Mitchell R. Moriber, DO
    John Mulvey, MD, FAAFP
    Herbert L. Muncie, Jr., MD
    Tiffany Munzer, MD
    Louisa Murdin, MSc, BMBCh, MRCP
    Puneet Nurang, MD
    Dusty Marie Narducci, MD
    Rathna Rao Nuti, MD
    Vladimir Ognenovski, MD
    John O'Kane, MD
    Sandepp R. Pagali, MD, MPH
    Nikita S. Patil, MBBS
    Jyothi R. Patri, MD, MHA
    James Phalen, MD
    Kevin Proud, MD
    Natasha Pyzocha, DO
    Anita Rajasekhar, MD*

    Efstathios Andreas Rallis, MD, PhD
    David Awrey Randall, MD*
    Jennifer J.K. Rasanathan, MD, MPH

    Stephen D. Ratcliffe, MD
    Ehud Rath, MD*
    Karen Ratliff-Schaub, MD
    David Lee Rebedew, MD
    John Rectenwald, MD, MS
    Karl T. Rew, MD

    Tyler S. Rogers, MD, FAAFP
    Frank Romanelli, PharmD, MPH
    Kathryn E. Rooney, MD
    Mallika Sabharwal, MD

    Samuel Sandowski, MD
    Amit Sapra, MD, FAAFP
    John Schmitt, MD
    Philipp Schuetz, MPH
    Russell Searight, PhD, MPH
    Mandi Sehgal, MD
    Jarrett Sell, MD

    Daniel Selvig, MD
    Anthony Louis Shadiack, DO
    Jay H. Shubrook, DO
    Eric Siegal, MD
    Hugh Silk, MD, MPH
    Vinu T. Sista, DDS
    Dustin K. Smith, DO, FAAFP
    Matthew Snyder, DO
    Katherine Snyder, MD

    Marianna M. Sockrider, MD
    Jeremy Sperling, MD
    John A. Sterba, MD, PhD, FACEP
    Eliza L. Sutton, MD, MA, FACP
    Jillian Sylvester, MD, CAQSM*
    Bernard Tawfik, MD*
    Jeanette Tetrault, MD, FACP
    Pariwat Thaisetthawatkul, MD

    Duska Thurston, MD
    Lisa Usdan, MD
    Prayong Vachvanichsanog, MD
    Karla M. Vega Colon, MD
    Meagan Vermeulen, MD, FAAFP
    Jose M. Villalon-Gomez, MD, MPH*
    Cathy M. Violette, DNP, MSN, WHNP-BC, AWHC-RNC
    Adam J. Visconti, MD
    Stephen Warnick, Jr., MD*

    Amy Wasserman, MD
    Michael F. Weaver, MD
    Jacqueline Weaver-Agostoni, DO, MPH
    Norman Wetterau, MD, FAAFP, FASAM
    Mark Whealy, MD
    Brett White, MD
    Joshua Z. Willey, MD, MS
    Ashley Paige Williams, MD, FAAFP
    William Hayes Wilson, MD
    David Winchester, MD
    Johnnie Yates, MD
    Nicole Yedlinsky, MD, CAQSM, FAAFP, RMSK
    Benjamin Zaniello, MD*
    Bill Zepf, MD*

    * Person completed more than one review in 2020.
    Names listed in bold indicate reviewers who provided exceptional feedback and received a high rating on the reviews they provided.