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    November 2022 | Edition #522

    FP Essentials #522 Cover

    Hypertensive Conditions

    Essential (Primary) Hypertension in Adults
    Secondary Causes of Hypertension in Adults
    Hypertension in Children and Adolescents 
    Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy 

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    FP Essentials #521 Cover

    Geriatric Care in the Community Setting

    October 2022 | Edition #521

    • Welcome to Medicare and Annual Wellness Visits
    • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
    • Assessment and Management of Fall Risk and Impaired Mobility
    • When Older Adults Can No Longer Live Alone at Home
    FP Essentials #520 Cover

    Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

    September 2022 | Edition #520

    • Risk Assessment
    • Lifestyle Interventions for Primary Prevention
    • Pharmacologic Prevention 
    • Prevention Through Control of Medical Risks


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