• FP Essentials Call for Authors

    We are not currently soliciting proposals from authors at this time.
    The next submission period will begin on October 1, 2024.


    Author groups are encouraged (maximum of 4 total authors), but 1 individual must be designated the corresponding author responsible for the overall manuscript and communication with editors and staff. Note: Resident authors must be senior residents who will have completed residency by the publication date of the monograph.

    Proposal Requirements

    Before submitting the proposal, each author must complete the online CME Disclosure Policy and Form (choose option 1).

    Proposals must include the following items:

    • Letter stating your interest (be specific about the topic) (1 page maximum).

    • A proposal for the edition's content (2 pages maximum) based on the outline provided in the call for authors.

    • Curriculum vitae for each potential author.

    • Writing sample - A 1-page, single-spaced sample of original text that deals with the topic about which you propose to write. We suggest that this 1-page writing sample be about the core of the topic, rather than introductory or general material, so that you can demonstrate your mastery of the topic. Basically, you should be writing 1 page of the manuscript. Reference citations can be on a second page, not included in the 1-page sample.

    • Up to 2 publications written by you (or your co-authors), submitted as a PDF file. If available, publications pertinent to the monograph topic are preferred.

    Note that even if you have previously written an edition of FP Essentials or submitted a proposal in the past, you will need to provide all of the above-requested items again as part of the proposal for the current solicitation.


    Due dates for these manuscripts will vary. Depending on when the edition is set to be published, authors will have roughly 3 to 6 months to prepare a polished draft that is suitable to submit for peer review.


    Payment is $4,000 per edition for preparing a manuscript and seeing it through to publication. For editions with multiple authors, the corresponding author determines at the conclusion of the editing process how this payment will be divided among the author group.


    Please contact:
    Sumi M. Sexton, MD

    Editor-in-Chief, FP Essentials
    Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.