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    Motor Delay

    Gross motor development in infants and children, including loss of cerebral neuromotor maturational markers (ie, primitive reflexes) and achievement of motor developmental milestones, follows a predictable sequence as the central nervous system matures. Because of this...

    Speech and Language Delay

    Between 5% and 12% of children ages 2 to 5 years are diagnosed with a speech or language delay. Fifty percent of these children experience delays that persist into adolescence, and face educational and occupational challenges later in life. The causes of speech and language...

    Failure to Thrive

    Failure to thrive (FTT), or faltering growth, describes a complex group of clinical scenarios that manifest as abnormalities of growth. A thorough history and physical examination typically reveal the diagnosis, so laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging often are unnecessary...

    Autism Spectrum Disorder

    The understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has changed over the past generation, with recognition of a broader spectrum of severity and a wide diversity of clinical manifestations and co-occurring conditions. Estimates of ASD prevalence in the United States have...



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