• Introducing the New FP Essentials Website 

    We are pleased to introduce FP Essentials subscribers to a new and improved online experience. Redesigned for ease of navigation, the updated website makes it easier to page through and read an edition, access the CME Quiz, and manage your subscription.

    Here’s a quick summary of key features you’ll want to use:

    1. Bookmark the new FP Essentials home page, a streamlined starting point for accessing the current edition and other FP Essentials content.
    2. Access key sections such as past editions and the CME Quiz using the new FP Essentials navigation menu at the top of every page.
    3. Browse editions using the new table of contents pages, and download a PDF of the full print edition.
    4. Log in to gain access to edition content using the new on-page login box.
    5. Quickly move between sections using new previous/next links and the Continue Reading feature, and move within sections using floating navigation links.
    6. View embedded tables and figures without clicking and scrolling. 
    7. Go straight to the CME Quiz for the edition you’re reading.
    8. Consult the new “Manage Your Subscription” page when needed to change your address, renew your subscription, etc.

    What hasn’t changed is the quality of FP Essentials content. Developed by a team of family physicians and professional editors, each edition of FP Essentials provides peer-reviewed, in-depth content on a carefully chosen clinical topic, spanning the latest diagnosis, treatment, and management approaches. We hope the enhanced online experience will make it easier for you to take advantage of the full value of your subscription.

    If you’re not currently a subscriber, learn more about our print and digital subscription offerings. 

    New FP Essentials Edition Web Pages