• FP Essentials for Your Residency Program or Institution

    FP Essentials covers

    Subscription includes:

    • Online access to the most current 2 years of FP Essentials for your patrons and learners
    • Monthly monographs with comprehensive reviews on family medicine topics
    • Diagnostic methods, treatments, guidelines
    • Supplemental print copies also available

    Residency programs and institutions can purchase site-wide online access to FP Essentials, with or without supplemental print copies. The annual subscription term includes online access via IP address to the most current 2 years of FP Essentials content.

    FP Essentials monthly monographs provide residents and learners with peer-reviewed clinical information on issues they are most likely to see in family medicine practice. Each monthly edition provides a comprehensive review and new information on diagnostic methods, treatments, and guidelines on a subject important in family medicine.

    Subscribers receive access to FP Essentials’ high-quality, in-depth educational content that emphasizes the latest clinical guidance on key family medicine topics, so your residents and learners can brush up on their knowledge and stay up to date.


    Residency Program – Online Access, 1 year

    Includes access for program residents, faculty, and staff

    Programs with up 12 Residents - $1,245
    Programs with 13-24 Residents - $2,490
    Programs with 25+ Residents - $3,750

    Bulk Print Copy Pricing for Residents

    $110 per print-only 1-year subscription, when 3-6 are purchased in a single transaction. 
    $105 when 7-12 are purchased in a single transaction. 
    $100 when 13 or more are purchased in a single transaction. 

    Institutions – Online Access, 1 year

    Includes access for universities, hospitals, and other organizations

    Single Tier - $4,515

    Institutional Companion Print Subscription

    Must accompany Tier subscription

    Single copy print-only 1-year subscription - $475

    To learn more, or to subscribe, contact your subscription agent or the AAFP Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237, or email aafp@aafp.org.

    CME can only be claimed on individual print + digital or individual digital-only subscriptions. Agency discounts are only available on Institutional subscriptions, not Residency Program subscriptions.