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    2003 FPM Past Issues

    January 2003 

    Implementing Change

    Implementing Change: From Ideas to Reality • Code Better for Better Reimbursement • Choosing Between Clinical Practice and Administration • Liability Protection for FP Volunteers • CPT Update • Open Access vs. Patient Combat • Quick Tips for Using Your PDA • Staying in the Loop at Work

    February 2003 


    Putting Measurement into Practice With a Clinical Instrument Panel • HIPAA Privacy Rule: Three Key Forms • Develop Your Own Practice Intranet • Coding Hospital Admits From Other Sites of Service • Answers to Your Coding Questions • Optimizing Your Nursing Staff • Diary of an FP • Organizing Your Desk

    March 2003 

    Performance Appraisals

    5 Steps to a Performance Evaluation System • How to Avoid Malpractice Suits • A Model for Shared Maternity Care • Introduction to Online CME • Using Medication Lists • Answers to Your Coding Questions • Reimbursement for Home Health Care • Overcoming Overload

    April 2003 

    Evaluating Health Plans

    Evaluating Health Plans: Finding the Keepers • A Tool for Better Documentation • Managing Stress: 10 Imperatives • Answers to Your Coding Questions • Anatomy of the Medicare Appeals Process • Making Paper Charts More Efficient • Practice Diary • Keeping the Human Touch

    May 2003 

    Frequent-Visit Patients

    Caring for Frequent-Visit Patients • 7 Ways to Help Your Hospital Stay in Business • Implementing an EMR System • When Your Health System Breaches Your Employment Agreement • Coding Q&A • Group Visits 101 • An E/M Update • EBM Tools for Your Palm-Top • Forget About Time Management

    June 2003 

    Losing Money

    10 Ways Practices Lose Money • How to Code on the Basis of Time • Demystifying Employment Agreements • Good Interview Questions • Clarifying What Patients Want From Today’s Visit • Getting Paid for Diagnostic Testing • Coding Q&A • Open-Source Software • How’s Your Funny Bone?

    July/August 2003 

    KISS Principle

    Systems Thinking in Family Practice • Preventive-Visit Encounter Forms • Finding Evidence on the Internet • Make Your Meetings More Productive • Best Practices in Claims Processing • Answers to Your Coding Questions • House Calls • 8 Principles for Stronger Relationships

    September 2003 

    HIPAA Transactions

    Help With the HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets Standards • Coding for New Patient Visits • Do You Undermine Your Best Ideas? • How to Create a Burnout-Proof Practice • Evidence-Based Encounter Form for Sore Throat Visits • The FPM Reader Challenge • Coding Q&A • How to Strengthen a Relationship

    October 2003 

    Joy of Practice

    Rediscovering the Joy of Family Practice • Pocket Guide and E/M Progress Note Form • Learning to Be a Leader • Getting All the 99214s You Deserve • Is Solo Practice in Your Future? • Updated ICD-9 Coding Tool • Thinking Cost-Effectively • Coding Q&A • Day Care Stare

    November/December 2003 

    Future of Family Medicine

    Family Medicine Takes Center Stage • Are You Violating the Stark Law? • The Benefits of Doing Corticosteroid Injections • How to Opt Out of Medicare • Coding Q&A • When Your Patients Are in Mourning • The Role of Chivalry in Medical Practice