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    2008 FPM Past Issues

    January 2008

    Practice Transformation

    Transforming Your Practice: What Matters Most • CPT Update 2008 • Preventive Medicine: Giving Patients The Hard Sell • Demystifying Computer Networks For Small Practices • Does Primary Care Need Medicare? • Practice Pearls • Coding & Documentation • Doing What Has Always Worked

    February 2008

    EHR User-Satisfaction Survey 

    User Satisfaction With EHRs: Report of a Survey of 422 Family Physicians • The Robin Hood Practice • Practice Measurement: A New Approach for Demonstrating the Worth of Your Work • What Every Physician Should Know About the RUC • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • Defending the Real Standard of Care

    March 2008

    Patient Communication 

    Have You Really Addressed Your Patient’s Concerns? • Discussing End-of-Life Care With Your Patients • Stark III: Refinement Not Revolution (Part 1) • Beyond EHRs: How Technology Can Help You Treat Chronic Illness • e-Nirvana: Are We There Yet • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • Looking Out for Others

    April 2008

    Good Samaritan 

    What You Need to Know When Called Upon to Be a Good Samaritan • Closing the Physician-Staff Divide • Stark III • How to Protect Your Data Online • Drug-Seeking Patients • Group Visits Focused on Behavioral Change • The Importance of Teamwork • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • Administrative Fibrillation

    May 2008

    Clinical Decision Making 

    The Art and Science of Clinical Decision Making • Preparing for a Medicare Fee Cut • Military Lessons • Practice Mergers • Online Physician-Patient Communication • Seeing Patients Today • Just-in-Time Business Education • Medicare’s (Un)sustainable Growth Rate • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • A Night at the Nursing Home

    June 2008

    How-To Issue 

    Opting Out of Medicare • See Your Practice Through Your Patients' Eyes • Finding Clinical Information at the Point of Care • Process Improvement • EHR Meltdown • Getting Paid for Multiple E/M Services • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • Delivering Bad News

    July/August 2008

    Team Care 

    Making Your Doctor-Nurse Team More Productive • Working With Insurers • Improving Practice and the Bottom Line With an EMR • Planning for a Leave of Absence • Chart Audit for Quality • Dr. Colombo • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • Paperless Practice

    September/October 2008

    Big Ideas 

    10 Big Ideas That Could Make Your Practice Better • Launching a Community-Wide Flu Vaccination Plan • Vaccination Management • ICD-9 Codes: The Annual Update • The Key to Implementing Change in Your Practice • Patient History and Malpractice Defense • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • Is ‘Busy’ Good?

    November/December 2008

    The Coding Issue 

    Six Payment Opportunities You May Have Overlooked • Coding on the Basis of Time • Coding From the Bottom Up • CPT and ICD-9 Coding Tools • Coding & Documentation Q&A • Practice Pearls • Marcus Welby and the Medical Home • Learning From Troubled Patients