NameClinical useDiagnostic targets
(Extended Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma)1
Blunt trauma of the abdomen and chestFree fluid in the abdomen and pelvis, pericardial fluid, and pneumothorax and pleural fluid
Labor and delivery2 Late third trimester exams and labor and delivery“5 Ps” of pregnancy:
  • Parity (number)

  • Pulse (fetal heartbeat)

  • Pocket (fluid)

  • Placenta (location)

  • Presentation (cephalic vs. breech)

(Rapid Ultrasound for Shock and Hypotension)3
Undifferentiated hypotension or signs of shockMulti-organ protocol to assess for etiology of shock and hypotension
(Cardiopulmonary Limited Ultrasound Exam)4
Cardiopulmonary dysfunctionHeart, inferior vena cava, and lung views to determine heart failure physiology
(Parasternal, Epigastric, Anterior lung, Right upper quadrant, Left upper quadrant, and Suprapubic)5
Core physical exam for generalist (routine inpatient or outpatient use)A layered, window-based approach to teaching and learning core ultrasound exam