AAFP Directory of Family Medicine Residency Programs

Mercy Redding Family Practice Residency Program
Redding , CA 96001

Note: This page reflects data from 2008 to 2009

Director's Name: Duane D Bland, MD
Phone Number: (530)225-6090
Fax Number: (530)225-6093
Web Site: http://fpnetwork.ucdavis.edu/redding/intro.htm
Email: pbell@chw.edu
Program Code: 042290001
Program Structure:2A

Residency Location: Suburban Rural
Primary Hospital for Family Medicine Residency Admissions: Mercy Medical Center, Redding
Total Beds: 273

Number of Family Medicine Centers:1
Number of Hospitals for Admitting: 1
Number of Hospitals for Required Rotations: 2

Other Residencies (not services) in the Hospitals used for Required Rotations:
Year of Initial Approval: 1972
Total Number of Graduates: 163

Offered Positions 2008- 2009:
Post-Graduate Year 1: 6
Post-Graduate Year 2: 6
Post-Graduate Year 3: 6
Filled Positions 2008- 2009:
Post-Graduate Year 1: 6
Post-Graduate Year 2: 6
Post-Graduate Year 3: 6
Resident Females 2008- 2009:
Post-Graduate Year 1: 2
Post-Graduate Year 2: 2
Post-Graduate Year 3: 1
Under-represented minorities 2008- 2009:
Post-Graduate Year 1: 0
Post-Graduate Year 2: 0
Post-Graduate Year 3: 0
Resident Salaries 2008- 2009:
Post-Graduate Year 1:$40,445
Post-Graduate Year 2:$44,656
Post-Graduate Year 3:$48,243
Weeks Paid Vacation 2008- 2009
Post-Graduate Year 1:4
Post-Graduate Year 2:4
Post-Graduate Year 3:4
Other Benefits:
Liability Insurance: Yes
Housing Allowance: No
Time Off for Conferences: No
Health Insurance: Yes
Meals: Yes
Funds for Conferences: No
Life Insurance: Yes
Laundry: No
Sick/Personal Time: Yes
Disability Insurance: Yes
Parking: Yes
Average Annual In-Hospital Night Call Frequency:
Post-Graduate Year 1: Every 7-14 days
Post-Graduate Year 2: Every 15-28 days
Post-Graduate Year 3: Greater than every 28 days
Night Float Rotation or Coverage yes or no:
Post-Graduate Year 1: Yes
Post-Graduate Year 2: Yes
Post-Graduate Year 3: Yes
Average Annual Frequency of Other Trips to Hospital as Result of Night Calls Taken at Home:
Post-Graduate Year 1: Every 2nd day
Post-Graduate Year 2: None
Post-Graduate Year 3: None
Faculty to Residents Ratio During Patient Care Hours:
1 Faculty : 4 Residents
Full-Time Equivalent Staff and Faculty at the Residency Program:
FP-MD/DO : 5
Other-MD/DO : 1
Other Health Care Professional Faculty : 1
Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners : 2
Average No. of Half Days per Week Spent by FP Residents in the Primary FP Center:
Post-Graduate Year 1: 1
Post-Graduate Year 2: 2
Post-Graduate Year 3: 3
Residency Training Time in Required Rotations:
OB (in Hospital): Four months
General Surgery (in Hospital): Two months
Pediatrics (in Hospital): Four months
CCU/ICU: Less than 1 month
Computerized System for Each Resident's Experience Does Exist
Resident Research:N/A
Resident Organization in Hospital: None
Not Offered
Not Offered
Part-time or Shared Residencies: Not Offered
On Site Child Care Services: Not offered
International Rotation: Available

Univeristy of California, Davis-affiliated. Established in 1975. Northern California referral center. Strong community support. Excellent faculty and residents. Great Balance: City living and rural exposure. State of the art training and abundant outdoor recreation.