AAFP Directory of Family Medicine Residency Programs

University of Wisconsin (Baraboo) Rural Family Practice Program
Baraboo , WI 53913-3319

Note: This page reflects data from 2008 to 2009

Director's Name: James Robert Damos, MD
Phone Number: (608)265-4668
Fax Number: (608)263-5813
Web Site: http://www.fammed.wisc.edu
Email: applicant.madisonbaraboo@fammed.wisc.edu
Program Code: 471475201
Program Structure:3B

Residency Location: Rural
Primary Hospital for Family Medicine Residency Admissions: St. Clare Hospitals and Health Services
Total Beds: 89

Number of Family Medicine Centers:1
Number of Hospitals for Admitting: 3
Number of Hospitals for Required Rotations: 3

Other Residencies (not services) in the Hospitals used for Required Rotations:
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, OB - GYN, Surgery, E.R., Psychiatry
Year of Initial Approval: 1996
Total Number of Graduates: 9

Offered Positions 2008- 2009:
Post-Graduate Year 1: 2
Post-Graduate Year 2: 2
Post-Graduate Year 3: 2
Filled Positions 2008- 2009:
Post-Graduate Year 1: 2
Post-Graduate Year 2: 2
Post-Graduate Year 3: 1
Resident Females 2008- 2009:
Post-Graduate Year 1: 2
Post-Graduate Year 2: 2
Post-Graduate Year 3: 1
Under-represented minorities 2008- 2009:
Post-Graduate Year 1: 0
Post-Graduate Year 2: 0
Post-Graduate Year 3: 0
Resident Salaries 2008- 2009:
Post-Graduate Year 1:$43,639
Post-Graduate Year 2:$45,274
Post-Graduate Year 3:$47,015
Weeks Paid Vacation 2008- 2009
Post-Graduate Year 1:3
Post-Graduate Year 2:4
Post-Graduate Year 3:4
Other Benefits:
Liability Insurance: Yes
Housing Allowance: No
Time Off for Conferences: Yes
Health Insurance: Yes
Meals: Yes
Funds for Conferences: Yes
Life Insurance: No
Laundry: No
Sick/Personal Time: Yes
Disability Insurance: Yes
Parking: Yes
Average Annual In-Hospital Night Call Frequency:
Post-Graduate Year 1: Every 5th day
Post-Graduate Year 2: Every 15-28 days
Post-Graduate Year 3: Greater than every 28 days
Night Float Rotation or Coverage yes or no:
Post-Graduate Year 1: No
Post-Graduate Year 2: No
Post-Graduate Year 3: No
Average Annual Frequency of Other Trips to Hospital as Result of Night Calls Taken at Home:
Post-Graduate Year 1: Greater than every 28 days
Post-Graduate Year 2: Every 15-28 days
Post-Graduate Year 3: Every 15-28 days
Faculty to Residents Ratio During Patient Care Hours:
1 Faculty : 2 Residents
Full-Time Equivalent Staff and Faculty at the Residency Program:
FP-MD/DO : 9
Other-MD/DO : 1
Other Health Care Professional Faculty : 2
Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners : 5
Average No. of Half Days per Week Spent by FP Residents in the Primary FP Center:
Post-Graduate Year 1: 2
Post-Graduate Year 2: 3
Post-Graduate Year 3: 4
Residency Training Time in Required Rotations:
OB (in Hospital): Two months
General Surgery (in Hospital): Two months
Pediatrics (in Hospital): Four months
CCU/ICU: Three months
Computerized System for Each Resident's Experience Does Exist
Resident Research:Encouraged, but optional
Resident Organization in Hospital: Yes
Offered in Faculty Development, Procedures
Not Offered
Part-time or Shared Residencies: Not Offered
On Site Child Care Services: Offered
International Rotation: Available

Our goal is to prepare residents for rural practice. Most of our graduates are in rural practice. Physician faculty in Baraboo are experienced rural clinicians. Rural track residents receive individualized training. Highlights include strong OB + surgery teaching and a high volume of procedures in a modern state-of-the-art rural clinic and hospital. Rural track residents benefit from the curriculum's flexibility and emphasis on lifelong learning.