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Unlocking Clues to Current Health in Past History: Childhood Trauma and Healing -- FPM

Apr 1, 2019 - Adverse childhood events can have enduring effects on patients’ health, but these four steps can help promote healing.

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Breastfeeding, Family Physicians Supporting (Position Paper)

Read the AAFP's position paper on support for breastfeeding.

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AFP Documents with Keyword: Care of Special Populations - American Family Physician

...Dec 1, 2005 Issue Cross-Cultural Medicine [Article] Cultural competency is an essential skill for family physicians because of increasing ethnic diversity among patient populations. Culture, the shared beliefs and attitudes of a group, shapes ideas of what constitutes illness and...

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Pre-conference Workshop Aims to Advance Health Equity

The Family Medicine Advancing Health Equity workshop aimed to help participants become change agents who lead the way to health equity.

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...Cultural Competence [Improving Patient Care] The article describes the racial and ethnic disparities that exist in health care and explains how practices can improve their cultural competency. Oct 2000 Issue Using Web-Based Patient Communication [Computers] This is the...

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...Cultural competence Jun 2004 Issue Getting the Most From Language Interpreters [Feature] Communicating with patients who have limited English proficiency requires more than simply finding someone who speaks their language. Apr 2003 Issue The Challenge of Urban Family...

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Enhance Racial Disparities Training, Say Primary Care Residents

Researchers surveyed primary care residents to determine their awareness of racial disparities in diabetes and how prepared they feel to discuss these disparities with patients.

Stream Neurology/Behavioral Health CME Virtual Conference

Neurology and Behavioral Health Livestream improves your ability to evaluate, treat, and manage neurological and behavioral health conditions.



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Chronic Conditions Self-Study CME

Gain a wide-ranging overview of family medicine-specific content related to chronic conditions with this AAFP self-study CME package.

Neurology and Behavioral Health Self-Study Package

Stay current in your practice with up-to-date strategies for your patients with neurological and behavioral health conditions while also earning CME.

Polaris Programs in Global Health

Learn about Polaris, a World Organization of Family Doctors' (Wonca's) movement aiming to augment medical training with fun, global health experiences.

Caring for the Underserved Where They Need It

Ravi Grivois-Shah, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., set out to care for the underserved. Directing a mobile health program and a clinic with a large refugee population have allowed him to do it.

New Study, Guidance Affirm Transgender Patients' Care Needs

A recent study and updated clinical guidance remind physicians that treating transgender patients starts with providing solid primary care services along with nonjudgmental communication.

How FMIGs Can Collaborate with Other Campus Groups

Learn about how to collaborate with other student groups to promote interest in family medicine.

FMIG Lecture and Discussion Ideas

Find lecture and discussion ideas from previous FMIG Program of Excellence Award winners.

Cultural Controversies on Child Abuse - Letters to the Editor - American Family Physician

Oct 1, 2001 - ...Cultural Controversies on Child Abuse Am Fam Physician. 2001 Oct 1;64(7):1142-1148. to the editor: In general, we agree with the editorial by Dr. Bullock1 concerning the importance of screening by physicians for child and partner abuse in all settings. However, we must object to her...

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Taking Care of Disadvantaged Patients - Curbside Consultation - American Family Physician

Jan 15, 2017 - No single person can be responsible for the health of a population. However, there are a number of strategies for taking care of members of disadvantaged populations. These range from targeted compassion and interventions for the individual patient to broad advocacy for disadvantaged ...

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...The A to Z of Cross-Cultural Medicine [Improving Patient Care] The article offers advice for improving one's competency in understanding cultural differences between patients and physicians. Apr 2005 Issue Keys to Improving Your Listening Skills [Improving Patient Care]...

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...Cultural competence September/October 2020 Issue Racism in Health Care: Creating a More Equitable Health Care Experience [From the Editor] Imagine how it would feel to walk into a doctor’s office and see that everyone else looks different from you. July/August 2019 Issue...

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...Cultural competence September/October 2020 Issue Racism in Health Care: Creating a More Equitable Health Care Experience [From the Editor] Imagine how it would feel to walk into a doctor’s office and see that everyone else looks different from you. July/August 2019 Issue...

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Physician Resilience and Burnout: Can You Make the Switch? -- FPM

Feb 1, 2013 - Recognizing the signs of professional exhaustion is the first step to reintroducing joy and purpose to your career.

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Incorporating Medical Interpretation Into Your Practice -- FPM

Apr 1, 2014 - Making sure you can understand your patients not only improves their care but avoids legal trouble.

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AAFP Reprint No 287 Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Family Medicine Residents ...

Global health continues to evolve as an academic discipline with increasingly diverse areas of concentration and training available for family physicians. Examples of such areas include, but are not limited to public and community health, clinical training and service, research, and ...

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Can the Patient Decide? Evaluating Patient Capacity in Practice - American Family ...

Jul 15, 2001 - Physicians assess the decision-making capacity of their patients at every clinical encounter. Patients with an abrupt change in mental status, who refuse recommended treatment, who consent too hastily to treatment or who have a known risk factor for impaired decision-making should be ...

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