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Caring for Hispanic Patients

...a Spanish word because of unfamil- iarity with cultural or linguistic subtleties.4 Another barrier is inability to afford health insurance; nearly one-third of Latinos (30.7 percent) lack coverage.5 Yet another bar- rier stems from cultural mistrust coupled with a predisposition to...

American Family Physician

Monitor - May 2005 -- FPM

May 1, 2005 - ...Creating culturally competent docs Medicare payment cuts likely Insurers dominate many markets Controversial hospital food Doctors protest insurer's rating program The AMA, AAFP and others are speaking out against a new program from United Healthcare that seeks to identify...

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AAFP Continues Working for Racial Equity

AAFP Commission on Health of the Public and Science Chair Scott Hartman, M.D., outlines the work the commission has undertaken regarding racial equity at the direction of the Academy's Congress of Delegates.

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View AAFP position papers.

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Workforce Diversity

Learn more about workforce diversity, one of the key priorities of The EveryONE Project.

Science and Education

Evidence-based knowledge and education, including guidelines, clinical recommendations, and physician education resources designed to help family physicians provide more relevant and effective care for their LGBT patients.

Poverty and Health - The Family Medicine Perspective (Position Paper)

Find out the ways in which the American Academy of Family Physicians transforms health care to achieve optimal health for everyone.

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Social Determinants

There are many factors that affect health outcomes. These factors create barriers for patients to receive the appropriate health care, leading to higher rates of disease, complications and comorbidities.

Violence (Position Paper)

Read AAFP's position paper on family violence as an important public health issue.

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Prevention and Wellness

Promoting positive health habits that prevent disease is foundational to primary care and family medicine.

Specialty's Breadth Drew Resident Leader to Family Medicine

Anna Askari, M.D., M.S.B.S., volunteered in free clinics for nine years as a college and medical student. The array of skills displayed by her family medicine mentors made her specialty choice an easy one.

Patient Engagement Movement Gains Strength Nationwide

Family physicians can learn about the value of patient engagement through 11 case studies, a free webinar and more delivered by a team associated with Family Medicine for America's Health.

Advancing Health Equity by Addressing the Social Determinants of Health in Family ...

Read the AAFP's policy on Advancing Health Equity by Addressing the Social Determinants of Health in Family Medicine (Position Paper)

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AMA House of Delegates Weighs In on Health Equity

In this Leader Voices Blog post, AAFP President Michael Munger, M.D., reports from the recent annual meeting of the AMA House of Delegates, which took several actions related to health equity.

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Access information and resources on Diabetes care from the AAFP.

EveryONE Project Strategic Priorities

Access information on The AAFP EveryONE Project's strategic priorities.

ACE Inhibitors vs. ARBs for Primary Hypertensions

April 15, 2015 Cochrane for Clinicians

American Family Physician


...several 19 constituencies in support of this resolution. The testimony noted that one key driver to optimize 20 family physicians’ cultural competency is to engage in a deeper understanding of unconscious 21 biases. The subcommittee also learned, for example, that in the academic...


Amicus Brief: Texas v United States - April 1, 2019

In defense of significant coverage gains and key patient protection provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the American Medical Association (AMA) and other leading physician organizations today filed an amicus brief in the case of Texas v. United States.


AAFP Reprint No 285 Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Family Medicine Residents ...

Family physicians are the most broadly trained specialists in health care. There is considerable overlap in the patient populations served by family physicians and the emergency physician, as well as the competencies, knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in each ...

Med School and Residency

2011NCSCSummaryofActions.doc physicians. The AAFP’s CME Curricular Framework includes patient-based care topics that align with inclusion of education that is culturally sound, addresses underserved populations [which could include, for example, continuity of care needs for seasonal and migrant...


Racism, Sexism, and Unconscious Bias

...1. Define structural competency. 2. Understand the connections between structures of power and unconscious bias. 3. Consider ways that interventions can focus on multiple levels of oppression: from (a) personal interactions between patients and clinicians to (b) institutional...

Patient Care

A Guidebook to the Health Equity Curricular Toolkit

...we recognize that this is a particularly complicated area that is worthy of a longitudinal course to assure we pursue a journey toward cultural humility and self- reflection. While beyond the scope of the toolkit, we will provide other resources in our annotated bibliography....

Patient Care

What a Medical Assistant Can Do for Your Practice -- FPM

Apr 1, 2005 - Medical assistants can be versatile and valuable additions to family medicine practices.

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Addressing a Patient's Refusal of Care Based on Religious Beliefs - Curbside ...

Nov 1, 2007 - This dilemma is complex. In this scenario, the patient limited the efforts to help her because of religious beliefs, and attempts at persuasion were not successful.

American Family Physician : Curbside Consultation

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