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News & Trends - May 2006 -- FPM

May 1, 2006 - ...billed by family physicians and should pay for them fairly. Recently, Anthem of Southern Ohio announced it would begin reimbursing codes 99213 and 99214 at a blended rate. In an April 7 letter, AAFP Board Chair Mary Frank, MD, justified the increase in high-level E/M codes, noting...

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Coding & Documentation - Feb 2006 -- FPM

Feb 1, 2006 - ...for a separately identifiable service on the same date as an E/M service, the modifier −25 should be appended to the E/M code (for instance, 99213-25.) Payers may choose to bundle code 99173 with the E/M service despite the correct modifier usage. You should check with your payer to...

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How Do You Cope With Bundled Claims? -- FPM

Apr 1, 2006 - Don’t cheat yourself. That’s the health plan’s job.

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ICD-9 Changes: It's Time to Tend to Your Superbill -- FPM

Sep 1, 2005 - You’ve got until Oct. 1 to weed out incorrect codes.

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Meet Dr. Wonderful -- FPM

Sep 1, 2005 - This doll tells people exactly what they want to hear.

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Are You Prepared to Defend Your Coding? -- FPM

Jun 1, 2005 - The authors offer readers an action plan to use in reacting/responding to payers' accusations of incorrect coding.

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Coding & Documentation - May 2005 -- FPM

May 1, 2005 - ...otherwise does not meet the definition of a consultation, the office encounter should be coded using an office/outpatient visit code, such as 99213. In either case, modifier -25 should be appended to the E/M code to indicate that it was a significant, separately identifiable service...

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The Value of a Coding Education -- FPM

Mar 1, 2005 - The authors describe options for physicians and members of their staff who want to obtain certification in coding.

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Coding & Documentation - Apr 2005 -- FPM

Apr 1, 2005 - ...99213 or 99214? Three Tips for Navigating the Coding Conundrum Don't Get Burned Coding Common Skin Procedures New Medicare Payment Opportunities Editor's Collections Coding Coding & Documentation Related Topic Searches CPT: Medicine codes MOST RECENT ISSUE...

Family Practice Management : Coding & Documentation

Why It's Time to Purchase an Electronic Health Record System -- FPM

Dec 1, 2004 - The old reasons for holding off may have lost their validity.

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Coding for Depression Without Getting Depressed -- FPM

Mar 1, 2004 - Here is what you need to know to code and be reimbursed for counseling and treating patients with depression.

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Group Visits Hit the Road -- FPM

Sep 1, 2004 - By taking group visits to his elderly patients, this physician found a way to meet their needs and those of his practice - and have fun at the same time.

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Are You Coding Accurately? -- FPM

Jun 1, 2004 - This article provides readers with step-by-step instructions for checking their E/M coding distribution with national guidelines established in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Family Practice Profile.

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Coding Better for Better Reimbursement -- FPM

Jan 1, 2003 - Your work is worth more than you think. You just need to document and code it better.

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Coding & Documentation - Oct 2003 -- FPM

Oct 1, 2003 - ...Medicare will allow you to submit G0101 in addition to an evaluation and management (E/M) service (e.g., 99213) if the E/M service is significant and separately identifiable from the G0101 service. An example would be if an established Medicare patient with chronic essential...

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...(99213) visits - differences that can have a surprisingly significant effect on your bottom line if you don’t understand them well. For example, the 2007 Medicare allowance (not adjusted for geographic differentials) for a 99212 is $37.14, while the allowance for a 99213 is $59.50....

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...For example, the report shows that Physician A reports code 99213 almost three times as often as code 99214, although the benchmark ratio is 1.08:1. There are no Medicare wellness visits or transitional care management services reported. There are no smoking cessation services or...

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Coding Better for Better Reimbursement -- Family Practice Management

...99212 and 99213. The CPT require- ments for these two codes are shown side by side on page 33. As you can see, the differ- ence between the two can be slight.If you don’t fully document the work you do in a visit, you’ll often end up coding 99212s for visits that are easily 99213s....

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...status of chronic diseases). A brief HPI includes documentation of one to three of these elements and is consistent with E/M codes 99212 and 99213. Since this is a follow-up visit for well-controlled chronic condi- tions, the HPI doesn’t meet the level of an extended HPI, which...

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Trouble at the Money/Medicine Interface -- FPM

Jun 1, 2003 - Argues that the reimbursement system's misalignment of incentives makes the health care system absurdly complicated and points to two articles in this issue as evidence.

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Test Your Coding Skills -- Family Practice Management

...Progress note 1 Reviewers’ recommendations: 9939x-25 + 11200 or 99213-25 + 11200 or 99214-25 + 11200 For this visit, three reviewers recommended one of the preven- tive medicine services codes 99391-99397 (determined by the patient’s age, which is not included in this note), 11200...

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...Stuck on 99213 Selecting and documenting appropriate levels of E/M services can be challenging for many physicians. Often, code 99213 becomes the default code because physicians think exten- sive documentation will be needed for coding anything higher and they believe 99213 is...

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...percent of established patient visits were reported as 99212 - a decrease of almost 50 percent. During the same four-year period, the use of 99213 decreased by about 7 percent and the use of 99214 increased by about 60 percent. The increased use of electronic health records...

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...Take a look at From the presenting problem to the code on page 24. The tables show how the requirements for 99213-99215 and 99203-99205 look if you start from the presenting problem, assume that the other decision- making requirements are met and work toward the exam Coding From...

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Group Visits 101 -- FPM

May 1, 2003 - In addition to providing step-by-step instructions for launching group visits, the authors lay out the rationale for group visits and how to code for them.

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