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Students, Residents Elect New Leaders

Delegates to the National Congress of Family Medicine Residents and the National Congress of Student Members chose new leaders Aug. 4 to represent them in the coming year.

VisualDx -- FPM

Feb 1, 2015 - VisualDx is a decision support and clinical reference tool focused on skin diseases. It allows health care professionals to make dermatological differential diagnoses based on patient-specific findings, review medication-induced adverse effects, and search for specific diagnoses to ...

Family Practice Management : SPPACES: App Reviews

Antiretroviral Preexposure Prophylaxis for Preventing HIV Infection in High-Risk ...

Aug 1, 2013 - For some groups of patients at greater risk of HIV infection (e.g., serodiscordant partners, men who have sex with men and engage in high-risk behaviors, persons with multiple concurrent sex partners, persons who exchange sex for money), preexposure prophylaxis decreased the risk of ...

American Family Physician : Cochrane for Clinicians

FPs Tackle Primary Care Spending, Other Weighty Topics

The 2018 AAFP Congress of Delegates' Reference Committee on Advocacy considered a number of resolutions important to family physicians and their patients, including primary care spending and single payer options.

Interventions to Prevent Falls and Fractures in Community-Dwelling Older Adults - ...

Aug 15, 2018 - Mr. and Mrs. J. present to your office for their annual wellness visits. He is 75 years of age, has well-controlled hypertension, does not smoke, and has a body mass index (BMI) of 26 kg per m2. He recently fell while walking from his home to a neighborhood barbeque.

American Family Physician : Putting Prevention into Practice

Best Project Winners Named in Emerging Leader Institute

The winning projects from the third class of the Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute focused on the mental health of veterans, home births and high-quality care for the LGBTQ+ community.

Unstable Angina and Non-ST- Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Part I. Initial ...

Aug 1, 2004 - Each year, more than 1 million patients are admitted to U.S. hospitals because of unstable angina and non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (UA/NSTEMI). To help standardize the assessment and treatment of these patients, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart...

American Family Physician : Article

Does Metformin Increase the Risk of Fatal or Nonfatal Lactic Acidosis? - Cochrane for ...

Nov 1, 2010 - In patients without standard contraindications to metformin therapy, metformin does not increase the risk of lactic acidosis.

American Family Physician : Cochrane for Clinicians

Antidepressants for Initial Treatment of Depression - AFP Journal Club - American ...

May 15, 2010 - Which antidepressants should be used for the initial treatment of depression? This quality multiple-treatment meta-analysis gives physicians a good starting point for choosing an antidepressant. Sertraline and escitalopram should be considered first-line agents whereas bupropion, ...

American Family Physician : AFP Journal Club

Let's Amplify the Real Front-line Physicians

In this In the Trenches blog post, AAFP Senior Vice President of Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy Stephanie Quinn pushes back against misinformation about the pandemic -- and spotlights members who are doing the same on the ground.

AAFP News : In the Trenches : Blogs

Five Lessons for Working With a Scribe -- FPM

Aug 1, 2016 - Documentation personnel can free up physicians during visits to do what we do best.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Flu Shots and COVID-19: Gratitude During the Pandemic

Tochi Iroku-Malize, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., shares her experience from a flu shot clinic, writing in the Leader Voices blog that patients may be more interested in the influenza vaccine this fall because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

AAFP News : AAFP Leader Voices | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

What Can a PA or NP Do for Your Practice? -- FPM

Apr 1, 2017 - If your workload is no longer sustainable, it may be time to consider adding a certified physician assistant or nurse practitioner to your practice.

Family Practice Management : Articles

AFP 2018: How We’re Doing - Editorials - American Family Physician

Jun 15, 2018 - This editorial updates and adds to previous reports on statistics for American Family Physician (AFP).

American Family Physician : Editorials

FPs Call for Expanding Education Topics in Residency

During the 2019 National Conference of Constituency Leaders, delegates acted on a number of resolutions considered during the Reference Committee on Education hearing that was held April 26.

The Physician's Role in Efforts to Slow Global Warming - Editorials - American Family ...

Aug 1, 2011 - Global warming will directly affect the health of our patients, communities, and planet; therefore, physicians and other health care professionals have a critical role in addressing the issue.

American Family Physician : Editorials

Blunt Trauma in Pregnancy - American Family Physician

Oct 1, 2004 - Trauma is the most common cause of nonobstetric death among pregnant women in the United States. Motor vehicle crashes, domestic violence, and falls are the most common causes of blunt trauma during pregnancy. All pregnant patients with traumatic injury should be assessed formally in a ...

American Family Physician : Article

From 'Unnecessary' to Indispensable

Hima Ekanadham, M.D., and her family physician colleagues -- once deemed unnecessary by their institution -- are playing vital roles at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.

FPs Adept at Beating the Grind ‘Dog Days’ of Pandemic Bring

Steven Furr, M.D., explains in this Leader Voices Blog post how his rural community's early actions protected its most vulnerable population during the pandemic.

AAFP News : AAFP Leader Voices | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

Lessons in Negotiation: Saving OB Training During Pandemic

When COVID-19 threatened to disrupt maternity care training at a Seattle hospital, leaders from three family medicine residency programs rallied to find a solution. Read more in this FPs on the Front Lines blog post.

AAFP News : FPs on the Front Lines: Meeting the Challenge | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

Evaluating Physician Employment Contracts: How Do Your Benefits Measure Up? -- FPM

Oct 1, 2017 - From signing bonuses to relocation and continuing education allowances, your employment contract needs to provide more than a competitive salary.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Compassion, Faith Drive FPOY to Help Patients, Community

Will Cooke, M.D., a family physician from Austin, Ind., who took on disease outbreaks caused by injection drug use in his small rural community, has been named the AAFP's 2019 Family Physician of the Year.

Emerging Leader Institute Names Best Project Winners

The AAFP Foundation has announced the Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute award recipients from its 2018 class, including the overall best project award winners.

Linagliptin and Glimepiride Equally Effective for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus ... Restricted content. Login required.

Mar 1, 2020 - This study found that linagliptin is noninferior to glimepiride for reducing the risk of cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction, and stroke in adults with type 2 diabetes at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

American Family Physician : POEMs

Holy Toledo! As Bad Ideas Go, Closing Residency Is a Whopper

Gary LeRoy, M.D., writes that one health care system's decision to shutter a family medicine residency program in his state doesn't make sense for the business or its community.

AAFP News : AAFP Leader Voices | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

What Influences Scope of Practice for Rural FPs?

A new study published in Family Medicine attempts to answer questions surrounding the decision to practice family medicine in rural areas and the factors that cause some rural FPs to limit their scope of practice.

Chronic Insomnia: A Practical Review - American Family Physician

Oct 1, 1999 - Insomnia has numerous, often concurrent etiologies, including medical conditions, medications, psychiatric disorders and poor sleep hygiene. In the elderly, insomnia is complex and often difficult to relieve because the physiologic parameters of sleep normally change with age. In most ...

American Family Physician : Article

Acute Sinusitis: A Cost Effective Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment - American Family...

Nov 15, 1998 - Acute bacterial sinusitis usually occurs following an upper respiratory infection that results in obstruction of the osteomeatal complex, impaired mucociliary clearance and overproduction of secretions. The diagnosis is based on the patient's history of a biphasic illness (

American Family Physician : Article

Pharmacologic Treatment of Hypertension in Adults Aged 60 Years or Older: A Guideline ...

May 1, 2017 - A high standard must be met when guidelines recommend lifelong preventive medications, knowing that at best, a small minority of patients will benefit and that all are risking harm.

American Family Physician : Editorials

Turn the Page: Saying Goodbye Not Easy for Graduating Resident, Patients

Turn the Page: Saying Goodbye Not Easy for Graduating Resident, Patients

AAFP News : AAFP Leader Voices | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

Depression in Children and Adolescents - American Family Physician

Nov 15, 2000 - Depression among children and adolescents is common but frequently unrecognized. It affects 2 percent of prepubertal children and 5 to 8 percent of adolescents. The clinical spectrum of the disease can range from simple sadness to a major depressive or bipolar disorder. Risk factors ...

American Family Physician : Article

Evaluation and Treatment of ADHD - American Family Physician

Sep 1, 2001 - Symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are present in as many as 9 percent of school-age children. ADHD-specific questionnaires can help determine whether children meet diagnostic criteria for the disorder. The recommended evaluation also includes documenting the ...

American Family Physician : Article

Metformin Associated with Less Need for a Second Medicine - POEMs - American Family ...

Feb 15, 2015 - n this retrospective analysis, which benefits from large numbers of patients but suffers from possible biases, patients who initially took an oral hypoglycemic other than metformin (Glucophage) were significantly more likely to require a second oral agent.

American Family Physician : POEMs

Recognition and Management of Tourette's Syndrome and Tic Disorders - American Family ...

Apr 15, 1999 - Tic disorders and Tourette's syndrome are conditions that primary care physicians are likely to encounter. Up to 20 percent of children have at least a transient tic disorder at some point. Once believed to be rare, Tourette's syndrome is now known to be a more common disorder that ...

American Family Physician : Article

Solo Practice: Can It Survive? -- FPM

Jun 1, 2014 - The environment is tougher than ever. Proactive revenue management and direct pay models provide opportunities for small practices

Family Practice Management : From the Editor

Effectiveness of Bronchodilators for Bronchiolitis Treatment - Cochrane for Clinicians ...

May 1, 2011 - Bronchodilators may transiently improve the clinical status of infants with bronchiolitis and no prior history of wheezing. However, moderately strong evidence shows that key outcomes such as oxygen saturation, need for hospitalization, length of hospitalization, and duration of ...

American Family Physician : Cochrane for Clinicians

New Texas Medical School Set to Emphasize Primary Care

Administrators of the University of Houston College of Medicine want to open in 2020 to start training primary care physicians for Texas with free tuition for the inaugural class.

February 15, 2021 - American Family Physician

...Medicine by the Numbers: Intravenous Magnesium Sulfate for Acute Asthma Exacerbation in Children and Adults Kelvin Kwofie; Allan B. Wolfson Practice Guidelines: ACIP Approves 2021 Adult and Child/ Adolescent Immunization Schedules Pamela G. Rockwell Practice Guidelines:...

American Family Physician

February 15, 2021 - American Family Physician

...Medicine by the Numbers: Intravenous Magnesium Sulfate for Acute Asthma Exacerbation in Children and Adults Kelvin Kwofie; Allan B. Wolfson Practice Guidelines: ACIP Approves 2021 Adult and Child/ Adolescent Immunization Schedules Pamela G. Rockwell Practice Guidelines:...

American Family Physician

Identifying Patients with Headache Who Are at Risk of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage - ...

Aug 15, 2018 - When is urgent imaging warranted in patients presenting with sudden, severe, nontraumatic headache and normal findings on a neurologic examination?

American Family Physician : Point-of-Care Guides

ACP Calls for Moderate Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes

On March 6, the American College of Physicians published new evidence-based guidance statements in Annals of Internal Medicine that focused on loosening glycemic control targets.

Diethylstilbestrol Exposure - American Family Physician

May 15, 2004 - Diethylstilbestrol is a synthetic nonsteroidal estrogen that was used to prevent miscarriage and other pregnancy complications between 1938 and 1971 in the United States. In 1971, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about the use of diethylstilbestrol during pregnancy...

American Family Physician : Article

Prevention and Treatment of Overweight in Children and Adolescents - American Family ...

Jun 1, 2004 - Overweight in childhood and adolescence is an important public health issue because of its rapidly increasing prevalence and associated adverse medical and social consequences. Recent studies have estimated that 15 percent of children in the United States are at risk for overweight, and...

American Family Physician : Article

Domino: Beer is OK (If You Exercise), But Avoid Kale

Frank Domino, M.D., delivered his popular "Top 10 Updates in Evidence-based Medicine" Sept. 27 during the Family Medicine Experience in Philadelphia. As usual, his presentation drew a huge crowd.

Hip Fractures in Adults - American Family Physician

Feb 1, 2003 - Patients with hip fracture typically present to the emergency department or their physician's office after a fall. They are often unable to walk, and they may exhibit shortening and external rotation of the affected limb. Frequently, they have hip pain. In some instances, however, ...

American Family Physician : Article

Cancer Care by Family Physicians - A Qualitative Study of Physician and Patient Views

Read a description of the Cancer Care by Family Physicians study, along with aims, objectives, timeline, status and key findings.

FPs' Talents, Skills Are Needed Now More Than Ever All Around the World

FPs' Talents, Skills Are Needed Now More Than Ever All Around the World

AAFP News : AAFP Leader Voices | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

Transcervical Amnioinfusion - American Family Physician

Feb 1, 1998 - Amnioinfusion is being used to treat intrapartum problems known to be associated with fetal compromise, including prophylactic treatment of oligohydramnios during labor and after premature rupture of the membranes, treatment of severe variable decelerations during labor and reducing the...

American Family Physician : Article

FMIG Network Program of Excellence Award

Learn about the FMIG Network Program of Excellence Award, which recognizes groups for their efforts to stimulate interest in family medicine.

Policy Brief Makes Case for Funding Teaching Health Centers

Researchers find that family medicine residents who train in teaching health centers often practice in safety-net settings such as federally qualified health centers, rural health clinics, public health clinics, institutional clinics and clinics that are part of the Indian Health Service.

Diagnosis of Eating Disorders in Primary Care - American Family Physician

Jan 15, 2003 - Eating disorders, particularly anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, are significant causes of morbidity and mortality among adolescent females and young women. Eating disorders are associated with devastating medical and psychologic consequences, including death, osteoporosis, growth ...

American Family Physician : Article

New Physician Membership

Become an Active member of the AAFP and enjoy all the benefits of being part of the premier family medicine association.

So Long, New York, You Were Exactly the Trial This New FP Needed

So Long, New York, You Were Exactly the Trial This New FP Needed

AAFP News : Fresh Perspectives: New Docs in Practice | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

Tetravalent Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (Menactra) for the Prevention of ...

Nov 15, 2006 - MCV4 is as effective and as safe as the older MPSV4. It is recommended by the ACIP for children 11 to 12 years of age, college freshmen living in dormitories, and other high-risk populations. MCV4 should provide effective and longer-lasting immunity, but at significant expense to ...

American Family Physician : STEPS

Topical Fluoroquinolones for Eye and Ear - American Family Physician

Oct 15, 2000 - Topical fluoroquinolones are now available for use in the eye and ear. Their broad spectrum of activity includes the common eye and ear pathogens Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. For the treatment of acute otitis externa, these agents are as effective as previously ...

American Family Physician : Article

Depression in Later Life: A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge - American Family ...

May 15, 2004 - Depression in elderly persons is widespread, often undiagnosed, and usually untreated. The current system of care is fragmented and inadequate, and staff at residential and other facilities often are ill-equipped to recognize and treat patients with depression. Because there is no ...

American Family Physician : Article

Solo FP Finds Fulfillment Serving Rural Patients, Community

Solo family physician Scott Anzalone, M.D., knows the joys and frustrations of practicing in a rural community where it's not unheard of for a patient to stop by his house to have a laceration sewn up.

Bicycle-Related Injuries - American Family Physician

May 15, 2001 - Bicycle riding is a popular form of recreation among persons of all ages, and related injuries cause significant morbidity and mortality. Most injuries occur in males and are associated with riding at high speed; most serious injuries and fatalities result from collisions with motor ...

American Family Physician : Article

Rural Origins and Choosing Family Medicine Predict Future Rural Practice - Graham ...

Jul 15, 2007 - The shortage of physicians in U.S. rural practice may impact access to health care for one in five citizens. Two medical student characteristics that predict eventual practice in rural settings are clear: being born in a rural county and choosing a residency in family medicine.

American Family Physician : Graham Center Policy One-Pagers

FPs Lower Hospital Readmission Rates and Costs - Graham Center Policy One-Pagers - ...

May 1, 2011 - Hospital readmission after discharge is often a costly failing of the U.S. health care system to adequately manage patients who are ill. Increasing the numbers of family physicians (FPs) is associated with significant reductions in hospital readmissions and substantial cost savings.

American Family Physician : Graham Center Policy One-Pagers

AAFP Reprint No 285 Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Family Medicine Residents ...

Family physicians are the most broadly trained specialists in health care. There is considerable overlap in the patient populations served by family physicians and the emergency physician, as well as the competencies, knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in each ...

Med School and Residency

Survey Breaks Down Clinicians' Views on Transgender Care

A new report in the Annals of Family Medicine indicates that most -- but not all -- primary care clinicians are willing to provide care for transgender patients, but some feel unprepared to do so.

Getting Ready for ICD-10: How It Will Affect Your Documentation -- FPM

Dec 1, 2013 - Once you understand the basic structure of ICD-10, you'll be able to capture the details needed to assign a correct code.

Family Practice Management : Articles

It’s Time to Revolutionize GME -- Not Simply Reform It

Family physicians from across the nation will gather this week in Washington, D.C., for the AAFP’s 2015 Family Medicine Congressional Conference. One of the key issues up for discussion is the need to change our nation's graduate medical education system.

AAFP News : In the Trenches : Blogs

Political Action

Read the AAFP's recommendations on effective communication with legislators at all levels of government to support the family medicine specialty.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

Micronutrient Supplementation During Pregnancy - FPIN's Clinical Inquiries - American ...

Aug 1, 2015 - A multimicronutrient supplement is an oral tablet containing the recommended daily allowance of several vitamins and minerals. The World Health Organization does not recommend multimicronutrient supplementation because of the potential for increased neonatal mortality in some situations.

American Family Physician : FPIN's Clinical Inquiries

Residents Tackle Tough Issues to Ensure Good Patient Care

Residents attending the AAFP's 2018 National Congress of Family Medicine Residents wrote and discussed more than two dozen resolutions on issues ranging from electronic health records to women's health.

The New Model of Care in Family Medicine: What's In It For You? -- FPM

May 1, 2005 - Team-based, proactive care supported by effective office systems, technology and a culture of improvement will help your patients and your bottom line.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Authors Delve Into Characteristics of FP Hospitalists

A policy brief published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine found that nearly 9 percent of new family physicians in active practice were practicing as hospitalists.

Electronic Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation - FPIN's Help Desk Answers - American ...

Mar 15, 2016 - Nicotine-containing e-cigarettes may be more effective than placebo devices for smoking cessation. They may also aid in smoking reduction, but the quality of available evidence is low. Little is known about their safety.

American Family Physician : FPIN's Help Desk Answers

Smoking Cessation: Integration of Behavioral and Drug Therapies - American Family ...

Mar 15, 2002 - Family physicians should take advantage of each contact with smokers to encourage and support smoking cessation. Once a patient is identified as a smoker, tools are available to assess readiness for change. Using motivational interviewing techniques, the physician can help the patient ...

American Family Physician : Article

Graduate Medical Education (GME)

Investment in the primary care workforce is vital, so the AAFP seeks to preserve funding for GME residency programs in family medicine.

MIPS: A Primer on the New Payment Model

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act established two distinct payment systems for physicians. AAFP Senior Vice President for Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy Shawn Martin offers an introduction to the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System.

AAFP News : In the Trenches : Blogs

CPT 2010: Ring in the New Decade With These New Codes -- FPM

Feb 1, 2010 - The changes take effect Jan. 1.

Family Practice Management : Articles

COD Addresses Medical Aid in Dying, Institutional Racism

Delegates to the 2018 Congress of Delegates in New Orleans addressed a number of clinical and patient-oriented issues, including medical aid in dying and institutional racism in health care.

New Gadgets Show Promise for Future of Medicine

New Gadgets Show Promise for Future of Medicine

AAFP News : Fresh Perspectives: New Docs in Practice | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

Hepatitis B - American Family Physician

Jan 1, 2004 - Hepatitis B causes significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. More than 400 million persons, including 1.25 million Americans, have chronic hepatitis B. In the United States, chronic hepatitis B virus infection is responsible for about 5,000 annual deaths from cirrhosis and ...

American Family Physician : Article

Calcium Supplementation for Preventing Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy - Cochrane ...

Oct 1, 2015 - High-dose calcium supplementation (i.e., at least 1,000 mg per day) during pregnancy reduces the risk of developing hypertension and preeclampsia. The most significant risk reduction occurs in women at risk of hypertensive disorders and those with low-calcium diets.

American Family Physician : Cochrane for Clinicians

Pruritic Erythematous Plaques - Photo Quiz - American Family Physician

Sep 1, 2014 - A woman presented with erythematous, pruritic skin patches on her trunk and extremities that were slowly increasing in size and number.

American Family Physician : Photo Quiz

Practice Pearls - Jul-Aug 2019 -- FPM

Aug 1, 2019 - Reduce time spent doing other physicians’ paperwork | Send preventive service reminders according to birth months | Help put patients at ease during visits | Identify patients’ unmet social needs to facilitate referrals

Family Practice Management : Practice Pearls

Neurologic Complications of Prostate Cancer - American Family Physician

May 1, 2002 - Neurologic complications continue to pose problems in patients with metastatic prostate cancer. From 15 to 30 percent of metastases are the result of prostate cancer cells traveling through Batson's plexus to the lumbar spine. Metastatic disease in the lumbar area can cause spinal cord ...

American Family Physician : Article

Viral Croup - American Family Physician

Feb 1, 2004 - Viral croup is the most common form of airway obstruction in children six months to six years of age. The frightening nature of croup often prompts parents and caregivers to seek physician consultation. For children with mild croup, symptomatic care and mist therapy may be all that is ...

American Family Physician : Article

New Academy President Says No to Status Quo

New AAFP President Ada Stewart, M.D., told virtual FMX attendees that it was time for family medicine to take its rightful place as the foundation of a high-quality health care system.

New AAFP President Pledges Relief for Practice Challenges

Newly installed AAFP President Gary LeRoy, M.D., of Dayton, Ohio, introduced himself to members Sept. 25 in his first major address during the 2019 Family Medicine Experience in Philadelphia.

Why I'm Optimistic About the Future of Primary Care

In this Fresh Perspectives blog post, Natasha Bhuyan, M.D., shares lessons she has learned from the students and residents she trains, saying they give her hope for our future.

AAFP News : Fresh Perspectives: New Docs in Practice | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

Omega-3 Oil Does Not Reduce Serious Cardiovascular Events for Patients with Diabetes ...

Jul 15, 2019 - In this study, there was no significant difference in the likelihood of a composite vascular outcome or all-cause mortality in patients given an omega-3 fatty acid supplement compared with those given an olive oil placebo.

American Family Physician : POEMs

Are Opioids Effective in the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain? - Cochrane for Clinicians -...

Apr 1, 2007 - Eight to 60 days of opioid therapy for the treatment of neuropathic pain effectively reduces pain scores as measured by a visual analog scale. A lack of response to opioids in the first 24 hours should not be used to predict whether longer-term opioid therapy might be beneficial. There ...

American Family Physician : Cochrane for Clinicians

Physicians Assemble: Integrating Small Groups to Preserve Independent Practice -- FPM

Dec 1, 2013 - In the face of industry consolidation and employment, small practices are joining forces to control their own destinies and remain competitive.

Family Practice Management : Articles

A Case of Medical Uncertainty - Curbside Consultation - American Family Physician

Mar 1, 2012 - Medical uncertainty (i.e., not knowing how to proceed with a patient-related problem) can stem from any number of potential situations in daily clinical practice. The causes of uncertainty are many, but the feeling of stress or discomfort it creates is a familiar constant, though it may...

American Family Physician : Curbside Consultation

Antiviral Drugs in Healthy Children - American Family Physician

Mar 1, 1998 - Several antiviral agents are available to treat viral illnesses in healthy children. In some children, treatment with acyclovir is an alternative to vaccination for the treatment and prevention of chickenpox. Acyclovir also can be useful in the treatment or prevention of herpes simplex ...

American Family Physician : Article

Mifepristone Pretreatment Improves Success Rate of Misoprostol for Early Pregnancy Loss...

Dec 1, 2018 - In women with early pregnancy loss between five and 12 weeks' gestation, pretreatment with 200 mcg of oral mifepristone before 800 mcg of vaginal misoprostol increases the likelihood of successful expulsion of the gestational sac.

American Family Physician : POEMs

Can ECG Rule Out ACS if Performed While the Patient Is Having Chest Pain? - AFP Journal...

Nov 15, 2010 - Is negative ECG performed while the patient is having chest pain good at ruling out acute coronary syndrome? Although this study says yes, other higher-quality studies say it does not rule out cardiac disease. Observational studies are not ideal for testing some hypotheses.

American Family Physician : AFP Journal Club

Asthma Update: Part I. Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Prevention of Disease Progression - ...

Sep 1, 2004 - Despite increased scientific knowledge about asthma and improved therapeutic options, the disease continues to cause significant morbidity and mortality. The National Asthma Education and Prevention Program Expert Panel has updated its clinical guidelines on asthma medications, ...

American Family Physician : Article

Congress Faces Tight Deadlines on Critical Issues

A handful of critical health care programs will run out of funding if Congress fails to act by the end of September.

AAFP News : In the Trenches : Blogs

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cutaneous Vascular Lesions - American Family Physician

Feb 15, 1998 - Cutaneous vascular lesions are the most common pediatric birthmarks. Flat vascular malformations tend to persist, but raised vascular lesions, known as hemangiomas, generally involute. Although not always necessary, treatment of flat lesions, if desired, is best accomplished with ...

American Family Physician : Article

Level-II vs. Level-III Visits: Cracking the Codes -- FPM

Jan 1, 2007 - Once you learn the rules, choosing the right code is easier than you think.

Family Practice Management : Articles

Management of Common Arrhythmias: Part I. Supraventricular Arrhythmias - American ...

Jun 15, 2002 - Family physicians frequently encounter patients with symptoms that could be related to cardiac arrhythmias, most commonly atrial fibrillation or supraventricular tachycardias. The initial management of atrial fibrillation includes ventricular rate control to provide adequate cardiac ...

American Family Physician : Article

Improving Daily Practice With Four Medical Apps -- FPM

Apr 1, 2017 - These mobile apps can help physicians and patients with treatment recommendations, treatment adherence, and smoking cessation.

Family Practice Management : SPPACES: App Reviews

Diagnostic Evaluation of Erectile Dysfunction - American Family Physician

Jan 1, 2000 - Erectile dysfunction, the persistent inability to attain or maintain penile erection sufficient for sexual intercourse, affects millions of men to various degrees. The majority of cases have an organic etiology, most commonly vascular disease that decreases blood flow into the penis. ...

American Family Physician : Article

A Practical Guide to Emergency Preparedness for Office-Based Family Physicians -- FPM

Apr 1, 2013 - Medical emergencies may not be common in the office setting, but that's precisely why you need to practice your response to them.

Family Practice Management : Articles

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