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2021 Education Agenda w/ Resolutions

...Medicine Residents and Physicians 4. Resolution No. 2004 AAFP Support for Telehealth Inclusion in ACGME Requirements 5. Resolution No. 2005 Increased Opportunities for Leadership Education for Female Family Physicians in AAFP 6. Resolution No. 2006 End Ableism in Family...


2021 Education Reference Committee Report

...the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) 12 Pass/Fail. 13 14 Item 3: Adopt Substitute Resolution No. 2003: Antiracism Training for Family Medicine Residents 15 and Physicians in lieu of Resolution No. 2003. 16 17 Item 4: Adopt Substitute Resolution No. 2004: AAFP Support for...


2021 FMX Prospectus

...TABLE OF CONTENTS Click a number to jump to the section ABOUT FMX 20214 EXHIBIT AT FMX6 SPONSOR AT FMX11 LEARN AT FMX20 PRICING SUMMARY25 ENGAGE AT FMX23 2 WHY EXHIBIT? Last year, our first-ever virtual Family Medicine Experience (FMX) proved that connecting...


2021 HOPS Agenda w/ Resolutions

...Awareness of Sex and Gender Disparities in Primary Literature and Guideline-Based Medicine 2. Resolution No. 3002 Protecting and Encouraging Civic Health Discussions Initiated by Family Medicine Physician 3. Resolution No. 3003 Advocating for Informed Consent for Drug Screening in...


2021 Member Panel Set Up

...Get to Know Family Medicine: Conversation with AAFP Members Julie Wood, MD, MPH, FAAFP, AAFP Senior Vice President for Research, Science, and Health of the Public American Academy of Family Physicians January 27, 2021 Membership continues to grow in all categories 0 20,000...

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2021 NCCL Advocacy Agenda w/ Resolutions

...certified nurse midwives, and 25 26 WHEREAS, many insurers also limit their coverage to behavioral health services to a limited 27 number of professionals similar to CMS, and 28 29 WHEREAS, 24 states allow licensed mental health practitioners such as Licensed Professional 30...


2021 NCCL Tackles Telehealth, Coercive Employment Practices

Family physicians from around the country weighed in on a wide range of issues important to family medicine during the 2021 National Conference of Constituency Leaders, including measures that addressed telehealth, restrictive employment practices and the role of family physicians in ...

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2021 Org and Finance Agenda w/ Resolutions

...3. Resolution No. 4003 Cultivating a Diverse and LGBTQ-Inclusive Family Medicine Workforce 4. Resolution No. 4004 Renaming the LGBT Physicians Constituency 5. Resolution No. 4005 Helping 4/26/2021 Page 1 of 1 Resolution No. 4001 2021 National...


2021 Practice Enhancement Agenda w Resolutions

...Medicine Friendly Work Environments 4. Resolution No. 5004 Coercive Contracting Practices 5. Resolution No. 5005 The Reality of Telehealth 6. Resolution No. 5006 AAFP Support for Family Physician-Led Primary Care 7. Resolution No. 5007 AAFP Advocate with Society of Hospital Medicine...



...Trends: Family Medicine (Office) Source: KANTAR Medical/Surgical Media Measurement, Fall 2020 Family Medicine, Table 405 Average Page Exposures Leading Publications Trends: Primary Care (Office) Source: KANTAR Medical/Surgical Media Measurement, Fall 2020 Primary Care,...

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2022 Payment Adjustments for 2020 MIPS Performance Posted

CMS has released 2020 performance feedback for the Quality Payment Program’s Merit-based Incentive Payment System. MIPS-eligible clinicians can obtain their performance feedback, final score and MIPS payment adjustment information for 2022 from the QPP website.

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...T argeted use of hepatitis A vaccines in the United States since 1995 has led to a dramatic decrease in the number of reported cases of hepatitis A, from 32,000 in 1990 to 7,700 in 2003,1 with most of the decrease occurring in children.2 As a result of this trend and new...

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...of Adults with Mental Retardation CHRISTOPHER D. PRATER, M.D., and ROBERT G. ZYLSTRA, ED.D., L.C.S.W. University of Tennessee College of Medicine, Chattanooga Unit, Chattanooga, Tennessee A pproximately 1 percent of the gen- eral population has mental retar- dation.1 The U.S....

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...Metropolitan Group Hospitals, Chicago, Illinois PETER P. LOPEZ, M.D., DeWitt Daughtry Family Department of Surgery, Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami, Miami, Florida E pithelial tumors of the esophagus (i.e., squamous cell and adenocar- cinoma) are responsible...

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...2196 American Family Physician Volume 73, Number 12 June 15, 2006 Hip Fracture fatal PE is 1.4 to 7.5 percent.6 The effectiveness of several drug treatments (e.g., heparinoids, fondaparinux [Arix- tra], warfarin [Coumadin], antiplatelet agents) for the...

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21st Century Medicine, 20th Century People -- FPM

Apr 1, 2015 - Sometimes technology isn't the problem.

Family Practice Management : The Last Word

28sixt.pdf husband and I moved from the coast of Virginia to a small town in North Carolina to hang out our shingle and dive into the business of medicine. We selected a growing, rural town that was close to urban areas but still deeply underserved by physicians. Within a month, both of us...

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33 hill newpatient.qxd

...applies only to the categories of evaluation and management (E/M) services titled Office or Other Outpatient Services and Preventive Medicine Services, but as a family physician, most of the codes you sub- mit fall into these categories, and the defini- tion is hard to incorporate...

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...for Musculoskeletal Conditions JOCELYN R. GRAVLEE, M.D., University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, Florida DANIEL J. VAN DURME, M.D., Florida State University College of Medicine, Tallahassee, Florida F amily physicians often must make decisions regarding the use of...

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...JENNIFER LEISER, MD, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah S erious mental illness (i.e., schizo- phrenia, nonaffective psychotic dis- orders, bipolar spectrum disorders, substance dependence, and suicidal- ity) affects 6 percent of adults in the United...

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...Amblyopia NIPA R. DOSHI, M.D., and MARIA LOURDES F. RODRIGUEZ, M.D. Drexel University College of Medicine, Warminster, Pennsylvania A mblyopia, often called lazy eye, is a decrease in visual acuity resulting from abnormal visual development in infancy and early childhood. The...

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...In any given week, four out of five U.S. adults will use prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs, or dietary and herbal supplements. Nearly one-third of adults take five or more different medications.1 Given the volume of medications being taken, medication-related injuries...

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47 roberts.qxd

...factor in rising medical liability premiums appears to be the size of the awards, rather than the frequency of lawsuits. In Wisconsin, the number of claims filed actually decreased from 348 in 1990 to 249 in 2001.2 In 1995, the national median for jury awards was $500,000 and the...

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...502 American Family Physician Volume 75, Number 4 February 15, 2007 Oral Lesions SORT: KEY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PRACTICE Clinical recommendation Evidence rating References When treating recurrent herpes labialis with systemic antivirals such as acyclovir...

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...conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Pre- vention showed that, in 1991, two thirds of three-year-olds had taken cough or cold medicine in the preceding 30 days.4 Because colds are common presentations in physi- cian offices, and cough and cold remedies are used almost...

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