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AAFP Creates COVID-19 Member Community, Preparation Checklist

The AAFP continues to work with the CDC and state/local health departments to disseminate the latest coronavirus disease 2019 guidance to Academy members through one resource.

AAFP News : Patient Care

Opioid Response Network

The AAFP is partnering with other organizations to create Technical Assistance Teams designed to build clinical proficiency of prescribers and others to address chronic pain, opioid use disorders (OUDs), and delivery of medication assisted treatment (MAT).

Family Physician : Patient Care

Ebola Virus: Detect, Protect and Respond

Access the latest information on Ebola virus, including clinical recommendations and patient information.

Family Physician : Patient Care

Worrisome Increase in Marijuana Vaping Seen Among Youth

Findings from two recently published research letters show that rates of marijuana use in e-cigarettes have increased significantly among U.S. middle and high school students since 2017.

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You Belong

Learn more about the AAFP, the benefits of AAFP membership, and why the AAFP is a good fit for you.

Membership : You Belong Here

Cannabis Use in Older Adults Continues Upward Trend

A recent analysis of patient data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that cannabis use among older adults increased steadily between 2015 and 2018.

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AAFP Chapter Health Equity Planning Grants

This project will support health equity planning by six AAFP chapters. The recipients will receive a $5,000 grant to support planning activities starting June 1, 2019 and ending May 31, 2020. Recipients will also receive technical assistance from the AAFP’s Population Health Department ...

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Here's Why LGBTQ Physicians Should Self-Identify

The medical community advocates for a diverse workforce that reflects the diverse communities it serves, but Kyle Leggott, M.D., writes in the Fresh Perspectives blog that the dearth of information regarding LGBTQ physicians makes it difficult to know how well this community is ...

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1. Assess Your Practice and Collect Baseline Data

Step 1: Assess Your Practice and Collect Baseline Data

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Probiotics to Prevent Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea in Children - Medicine by the ... Restricted content. Login required.

Mar 1, 2020 - Antibiotics often disrupt the natural balance of nonpathogenic bacterial flora within the gastrointestinal tract. Learn more about the effectiveness of probiotics in preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhea in children.

American Family Physician : Medicine by the Numbers

Point-of-Care Ultrasonography - American Family Physician Restricted content. Login required.

Mar 1, 2020 - Point-of-care ultrasonography (POCUS) is performed by a physician at the bedside and is standard practice in obstetric, emergency, and musculoskeletal medicine. When compared with formal sonography, POCUS is equivalent in screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm and as accurate in ...

American Family Physician : Article

Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Adults: Evaluation and Management - American Family ... Restricted content. Login required.

Mar 1, 2020 - Upper gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding is defined as hemorrhage from the mouth to the ligament of Treitz. Common risk factors for upper GI bleeding include prior upper GI bleeding, anticoagulant use, high-dose nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use, and older age. Causes of upper GI ...

American Family Physician : Article

Emotional Support Animals: Considerations for Documentation - Curbside Consultation - ... Restricted content. Login required.

Mar 1, 2020 - Companion animals are increasingly viewed as part of the family, and studies show many mental and physical benefits of pet ownership. Federal regulations require patients to obtain health care professional documentation for emotional support animals to allow these animals to accompany ...

American Family Physician : Curbside Consultation

Music Therapy for Depression - Cochrane for Clinicians - American Family Physician Restricted content. Login required.

Mar 1, 2020 - Moderate-quality evidence shows that music therapy added to standard care is more effective in the first three months than standard care alone for depressive symptoms based on clinician-rated outcomes and patient-reported outcomes.

American Family Physician : Cochrane for Clinicians

FP Essentials in the AAFP App

Access AAFP FP Essentials CME content on your mobile device through the AAFP app. Read, annotate, and more. Purchase required.

CME | FP Essentials : Subscriptions

Linagliptin and Glimepiride Equally Effective for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus ... Restricted content. Login required.

Mar 1, 2020 - This study found that linagliptin is noninferior to glimepiride for reducing the risk of cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction, and stroke in adults with type 2 diabetes at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

American Family Physician : POEMs

Women Close Med School Enrollment Gap, but Others Remain

For the first time, women make up the majority of students in U.S. medical schools. Ada Stewart, M.D., writes in this Leader Voices Blog post that although women physicians are making gains in leadership and other roles, they still have work to do to achieve equity in their field.

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Study Charts Downturn in Primary Care Office Visits

A recent study tracking a downward trend in primary care visits cited several contributing factors, including the high cost of care that the AAFP has been working to address.

AAFP News : Practice and Career

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae

Learn how to write a cirriculum vitae using various headings and formatting tips to highlight personal interests and activities to help distinguish individual candidates.

Family Physician : Practice and Career

CDC Releases Interim Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Report

According to a Feb. 21 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report from the CDC, the current influenza vaccine has been 45% effective overall against 2019-2020 seasonal influenza A and B viruses.

AAFP News : Patient Care

Evidence Lacking on Cognitive Impairment Screening in Older Adults

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to assess the balance of benefits and harms of screening for cognitive impairment in older adults.

AAFP News : Patient Care

Pain Management and Opioid Abuse Resources

A variety of tools and resources to care for patients who suffer from chronic pain and those at-risk for opioid / prescription drug abuse.

Family Physician : Patient Care

AAFP Chronic Pain Management Toolkit

Access exclusive tools and resources to help your patients manage pain and combat opioid abuse.

Family Physician : Patient Care

ACO Planning Guide

ACOs are a group of health care providers who share responsibility for the quality, cost, and coordination of care with aligned incentives for a population of patients.

Family Physician : Practice and Career

AAFP Credit Activity Types

The AAFP grants CME credit for many different activities. Learn more here.

CME : AAFP Credit System

Smoking Cessation Report Examines New Quitting Strategies

A report from the surgeon general contains a wealth of new information on interventions and strategies for smoking cessation that family physicians can employ with their patients.

AAFP News : Patient Care

Leadership Development and Diversity in Academic Family Medicine: An Emphasis on Women ...

Leadership Development and Diversity in Academic Family Medicine: An Emphasis on Women and Underrepresented in Medicine

Family Physician : Patient Care

Workforce Diversity

Learn more about workforce diversity, one of the key priorities of The EveryONE Project.

Family Physician : Patient Care

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

As front-line health care providers, family physicians play an essential role in the early detection of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and the timely referral to a pulmonologist.

Family Physician : Patient Care

Caregiver Resources

This section provides resources to for both physicians and other caregivers on communication with the patient about a care plan.

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Terms of Use

Terms of use for

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AAFP Products/Online Shopping FAQ


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Meningococcal Disease and the Men B Vaccine

Read a current review of meningococcal disease information, including frequently asked questions about the Men B vaccine.

Family Physician : Patient Care

Reporting CME Credit to Other Organizations

Learn about reporting CME credit to organizations other than the AAFP.


Your CME Report

Learn how to obtain a report on CME credits earned, and how to utilize this information to manage your AAFP learning requirements.


Pertussis Vaccine: Receiving Tdap During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should receive a dose of the TDap vaccine during every pregnancy, ideally between 27 and 36 weeks of gestation.

Family Physician : Patient Care

FP Essentials Permissions | AAFP

Discover permissions requirements related to FP Essentials, an AAFP monthly monograph of topics in family medicine, available in print and online.

CME | FP Essentials : Subscriptions

Measles Vaccine

Information on how to talk to patients about the importance and safety of the MMR vaccine to prevent measles.

Family Physician : Patient Care

Questions About the Application Process

View frequently asked questions regarding the AAFP CME Credit System and the application process.

CME : AAFP Credit System

Questions About Translation to Practice (t2p)

View frequently asked questions regarding the AAFP CME Credit System and the Translation to Practice (t2p) process.

CME : AAFP Credit System

Questions After Completing an Application

View answers to frequently asked questions regarding the AAFP CME Credit System and completing an application for CME credit.

CME : AAFP Credit System

Questions about Knowledge Self-Assessments (KSAs)

View frequently asked questions regarding the AAFP CME Credit System and the knowledge self-assessment (KSA) process.

CME : AAFP Credit System

College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) Agreement

Learn about the AAFP and CFPC reciprocal certification agreements for members.

CME : AAFP Credit System

Credit Calculation and Credit Terms

Learn to calculate CME credit and understand the credit terms to apply for AAFP CME credit.

CME : AAFP Credit System

Questions About Blended Learning

View answers to frequently asked questions regarding the AAFP CME Credit System and the blended learning process.

CME : AAFP Credit System

Translation to Practice (t2p)

Learn about the Translation to Practice (t2p) program, which offers CME credits to individuals for taking what they learn in a CME activity and translating it to their practice.

CME : AAFP Credit System

Credit Statements

View a list of credit statements for all AAFP-approved CME activities.

CME : AAFP Credit System

Questions When Getting Started

View frequently asked questions regarding AAFP CME Credit System and getting started with applying for CME credit.

CME : AAFP Credit System

Post-Submission Information

Post-submission information for CME providers who have submitted an application for AAFP CME credit.

CME : AAFP Credit System

AAFP Credit Application Fees

View AAFP CME Credit System application fees for AAFP certification.

CME : AAFP Credit System

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