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Reference Committee on Advocacy Agenda and Resolutions

...11. Resolution No. 1011 Keep Legislators from Practicing Medicine Without a License 12. Resolution No. 1012 Single Payer as the System that Provides Equity and Health Care as a Human Right 13. Resolution No. 1013 Support Breastfeeding Mothers in the Workplace 14. Resolution...


Reference Committee on Education Agenda and Resolutions

...4. Resolution No. 2004 Lifestyle Medicine Education Throughout Training and Practice 5. Resolution No. 2005 Longitudinal Electronic Medical Record Training 6. Resolution No. 2006 Applied Education in Billing and Coding in Family Medicine Residency 7. Resolution No. 2007...


Reference Committee on Health of the Public and Science Agenda and Resolutions

...No. 3004 Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools 5. Resolution No. 3005 Family Medicine's Role in Addressing and Preventing Sexual Harassment 6. Resolution No. 3006 Eliminate Race-Based Medicine 7. Resolution No. 3007 Public Policies to Reduce Sugary Drink Consumption in Children...


Reference Committee on Practice Enhancement Agenda and Resolutions

...1. Resolution No. 5001 Family Medicine Surgical and Non-surgical Obstetrical Privileges 2. Resolution No. 5002 Support Training and Patient/physician Reimbursement of Lifestyle Medicine 3. Resolution No. 5003 Education on Anal Cancer Screening 4. Resolution No. 5004 Physician...


Teaching Residents Appropriate Opioid Prescribing

...• Start low and go slow - very limited prescription numbers • Trust but verify • Documentation - be thorough! 8 Poll Question Opioid Prescribing: A patient receives and takes an opioid prescription for an injury. Of patients taking the medication for 8 days, what...


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