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Letters - Oct 2004 -- FPM

Oct 1, 2004 - ...Doable in Everyday Practice [February 2004, page 51] should warn readers to beware of poor or dated systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines that could provide misleading, and possibly harmful, information. Unless you use trusted sources, such as Clinical Evidence...

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Making Evidence-Based Medicine Doable in Everyday Practice -- Family Practice Management

...A search engine with access to evidence-based sources such as POEMs, Cochrane, clinical rules, a diagnostic test database, practice guideline summaries and Griffi th’s Five-Minute Clinical Consult; subscribers also receive Daily POEMs via e-mail. $249/year for online, CD or...

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Making Evidence-Based Medicine Doable in Everyday Practice -- FPM

Feb 1, 2004 - Finding the evidence you need is getting easier than you ever thought possible.

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Managing Behavioral Health Issues in Primary Care: Six Five-Minute Tools -- FPM

Apr 1, 2017 - These practical strategies can help family physicians support patients with depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health issues.

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Monitor - Apr 2000 -- FPM

Apr 1, 2000 - ...The National Guideline Clearing-house now has almost 700 evidence-based clinical practice guidelines available on its Web site (, which was launched just over one year ago. The site is continually updated and enables health care professionals to compare clinical...

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Monitor - Feb 1999 -- FPM

Feb 1, 1999 - ...The NGC is an online repository of evidence-based clinical policies (also known as practice guidelines or parameters) that makes comparing individual policies much easier. The policies are presented with standardized abstracts and tables that highlight areas of agreement and...

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Monitor - Jul 2005 -- FPM

Aug 1, 2005 - ...Many patients fail to receive the recommended chronic disease care as outlined in national practice guidelines. But according to a new study in the May/June issue of the Annals of Family Medicine, physicians aren't to blame. Instead, there simply isn't enough time to do what the...

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Monitor - May 2005 -- FPM

May 1, 2005 - ...liability are unfounded. Instead, care coordination may actually lower liability risks if it is done well, with the assistance of best practice guidelines, integrated electronic medical records and computerized reminders. Health care courts Legislation that would authorize funding...

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Monitor - Nov 2001 -- FPM

Dec 1, 2001 - ...The clinical practice guidelines published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) are widely believed to represent state-of-the art management for a broad range of conditions. Yet a recent study published in the Sept. 26 Journal of the American Medical Association...

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News & Trends - Mar 2006 -- FPM

Mar 1, 2006 - ...Clinical practice guideline software 12.3% Outcomes analysis 10.9% E-prescribing 9.7% Web-based consults or e-visits 5.8% Online appointment scheduling 5.7% Group visits Source: AAFP. Practice Profile I. 2005. Percentage of family physicians who use...

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Opinion: The Case for Medical Chaperones

...6. Develop practice guidelines that sup- port both the physician and the patient in cases where a patient declines a chaperone but the physician still feels uncomfortable. These guidelines could allow you to defer the exam to another day or to another physi- cian or chaperone, and...

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Outpatient vs. Inpatient Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia -- Family Practice ...

...2. Mandell LA, Bartlett JG, Dowell SF, File TM Jr, Musher DM, Whitney C. Infectious Diseases Society of America. Update of practice guidelines for the management of community-acquired pneumonia in immunocompetent adults. Clin Infect Dis. 2003;37:1405-1433. 3. Fine MJ, Auble TE,...

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Outpatient vs. Inpatient Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia -- FPM

Apr 1, 2006 - Using a clinical prediction tool at the point of care will help you choose which course is best for your patient.

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Overcoming Compassion Fatigue -- FPM

Apr 1, 2000 - When practicing medicine feels more like labor than a labor of love, take steps to heal the healer.

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Practice Pearls

...Over the years medical groups have adopted diagnostic algo- rithms and practice guidelines that include race-based differences. For example, the Vaginal Birth After Cesarean algorithm endorsed by The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine predicts a lower likelihood of suc- cessful...

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Practice Pearls - Nov-Dec 2020 -- FPM Restricted content. Login required.

Dec 1, 2020 - Ask three questions before using race-based clinical algorithms | What to do when a patient makes a discriminatory remark | Address inequity by supporting Black-owned businesses

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Putting Clinical Guidelines Into Practice -- FPM

May 1, 2001 - The article follows a family practice through its quality improvement project to increase physician use of clinical guidelines for asthma.

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Screening Your Adult Patients for Depression -- FPM

Apr 1, 2016 - Family physicians are well-placed to catch depression in patients early - and get reimbursed for it.

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Six Tips to Effectively Treat Opioid Use Disorder in Rural Areas

...5. American Society of Addiction Medicine. The ASAM national practice guideline for the treatment of opioid use disorder: 2020 focused update. J Addict Med. 2020; 14(2S Suppl 1): 1-91. 6. Wakeman SE, Larochelle MR, Ameli O, et al. Comparative effectiveness of different treatment...

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Social Media for Doctors: Taking Professional and Patient Engagement to the Next Level

...prevention, and interventional cardiology. As in real life, specialists do not always agree with each other or their own society’s practice guidelines. Nonetheless, these debates are helpful in understanding the hot topics in the field and the implica- tions for primary care...

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Social Media for Doctors: Taking Professional and Patient Engagement to the Next Level ...

Feb 1, 2020 - Some of the top family physicians on social media share their best practices for building a following and avoiding common pitfalls.

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Stark III: Refinement Not Revolution (Part 2) -- FPM

Apr 1, 2008 - The regulations include good news for physicians who work with hospitals.

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The Case for Medical Chaperones -- FPM

Oct 1, 2018 - It's time for more discussion about how best to incorporate chaperones in primary care.

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The Medical Home: An Idea Whose Time Has Come ... Again -- FPM

Sep 1, 2007 - Physicians, employers, legislators and payers think medical homes may be the key to health system reform.

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The Recertification Exam: Then and Now -- FPM

Aug 1, 2015 - Since 1970, when the author sat for the first family medicine certification exam, a lot has changed - but not everything.

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Three questions to ask before using race-adjusted clinical algorithms -- FPM

There is mounting evidence that race is not a reliable proxy for genetic variation and some race corrections may make health disparities worse.

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Tools for Better Dementia Care

...• Practice Guidelines for Assessing Pain in Older Persons With Dementia Residing in Long-Term Care Facilities: https:// • Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia Scale (PAINAD):

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Tools for Better Dementia Care -- FPM

Feb 1, 2019 - Quality measures and clinical tools can bring focus and clarity to caring for patients with cognitive impairment and supporting their caregivers.

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TransforMed Tries to Rebuild Family Medicine -- FPM

May 1, 2007 - The national demonstration project nears the halfway mark with many hard lessons already learned.

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Using a Simple Patient Registry to Improve Your Chronic Disease Care -- Family Practice...

...ago, our clinic’s parent health care organization dictated that all of its satellite clinics would be required to implement clini- cal practice guidelines for chronic diseases and show measurable improvements in patient care. After convening a few brainstorming sessions in which all...

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Using a Simple Patient Registry to Improve Your Chronic Disease Care -- FPM

Apr 1, 2006 - Who needs an EHR? Software you already have can help you make sure your patients get the care they need.

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Variety: The Spice of Covered Lives -- FPM

Mar 1, 1998 - The CQI emphasis on reducing or eliminating variation is wrongheaded in a field as full of individual needs as medicine.

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Where to Look for Good Clinical Policies -- FPM

Feb 1, 1999 - Doctors increasingly need to know how to find, evaluate and implement clinical policies. Our primer begins with this first of two articles.

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Worth While Web: 50 Useful Sites for Family Physicians -- Family Practice Management

...articles, and the National Guideline Clearinghouse (, which provides access to a variety of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. Here are two additional tools: Drug reference data for use on palm- top computers. Palm-top computers (or PDAs, personal...

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Worth While Web: 50 Useful Sites for Family Physicians -- FPM

Apr 1, 2001 - The World Wide Web can be a tremendous resource for you and your patients if you know where to look. Here's your guide.

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