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2013 Practice Enhancement Report

...The Reference Committee on Practice Enhancement recommends the following consent 1 calendar for adoption (page numbers indicate page in reference committee report): 2 3 RECOMMENDATION: The Reference Committee on Practice Enhancement recommends 4 the following consent calendar for...



...Education Residency Positions - Make Them Family Medicine RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) advocate that a majority of new graduate medical education residency positions be allocated to family medicine. IMG Advocacy Board of Directors...


2014 Is Finally Here - Oh My! -- FPM

Feb 1, 2014 - It's going to be a challenging year, but we can do this.

Family Practice Management : From the Editor

2014 Proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

AAFP Response to the CMS 2014 Proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule



...efforts that oppose legislation that imposes on abortion providers unnecessary requirements that infringe on the practice of evidence-based medicine, and be it further RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians oppose national legislation that imposes unnecessary...


2015 Agenda for the Reference Committee on Advocacy

...9 10 WHEREAS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates 17,721 deaths in 11 2011 from Hepatitis C, which exceeds the number of deaths from HIV, and 12 13 WHEREAS, the CDC and the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommend 14 performing a onetime...


2015 Agenda for the Reference Committee on Education

...2. Resolution No. 2002 Additional Resources for Community-Based Family Medicine GME Programs 3. Resolution No. 2003 Internationally Funded Residency Slots in U.S. Residency Programs 4. Resolution No. 2004 Updating Colon Cancer Screening 5. Resolution No. 2005 Physicians...



...Commission members acknowledged that the AAFP continues to seek ways for these payers to do more to attract and support family medicine practices, especially those in rural settings and in urban underserved areas and agreed to reaffirm the resolution as being addressed through the...


2016 Election: Dates to Remember

On Nov. 8, American voters will elect a new president and vice president, 469 members of Congress and a dozen governors. AAFP Senior Vice President for Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy Shawn Martin highlights some important dates to remember.

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2017 Agenda for the Reference Committee on Education

...9. Resolution No. 2009 Transgender Medicine Training in Family Medicine 10. Resolution No. 2010 Solving our Shortage of Primary Care Physicians by Eliminating All Medical School Debt 11. Resolution No. 2011 IMG Mentorship Program via AAFP 12. Resolution No. 2012 Live...


2017 Agenda for the Reference Committee on Practice Enhancement

...5. Resolution No. 5005 Increasing the Number of Family Physicians Providing Operative Obstetrics 6. Resolution No. 5006 Coverage of Assisted Reproductive Technologies 7. Resolution No. 5007 Support Income Transparency to Achieve Equitable Pay Among Family Physicians 8....


2017 Hurricanes, Wildfires Impact ACOs' Ability to Succeed

The AAFP has asked for changes to a CMS interim final rule regarding 2017 disasters and accountable care organization policies.

2017 Report of the Reference Committee on Education

...and 14 high volume maternity care, and be it further 15 16 RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians reach out to family 17 medicine program directors to identify which search terms are appropriate for their 18 programs. 19 20 Authors and several others testified...


2017 Report of the Reference Committee on Organization and Finance

...board member. 3 4 ITEM NO. 2: RESOLUTION NO. 4002: ESTABLISH A RURAL FAMILY MEDICINE 5 CONSTITUENCY 6 7 RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians create a Rural Family 8 Medicine Constituency at the AAFP National Conference of Constituency Leaders. 9 10...


2017 Report of the Reference Committee on Practice Enhancement

...on this issue to be consolidated in a one stop, easy to use, 47 location on the website. Maternity care is a core aspect of family medicine practice. The reference 48 committee recognized the importance of creating a maternity credentialing toolkit designed to 49 assist family...


2018 Agenda of the Reference Committee on Advocacy

...affects people of color, and 23 24 WHEREAS, the following organizations already oppose such laws: American Medical Association, 25 HIV Medicine Associtation, Infectious Disease Society of America, American Psychological 26 Association, Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, and the...


2018 Agenda of the Reference Committee on Education

...2. Resolution No. 2002 Family Medicine Residency Education Involving Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants 3. Resolution No. 2003 Maternal Mortality in the United States 4. Resolution No. 2004 J-1 Visa Waiver Program Hour Requirements Make Hospitalist Positions...


2018 Agenda of the Reference Committee on Health of the Public and Science

...of care, and be it further 47 48 RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians encourage the Review Committee 49 of Family Medicine (RC-FM) of the AAccreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education to 50 include implicit bias trainings within residency education core...


2018 Agenda of the Reference Committee on Practice Enhancement

...1. Resolution No. 5001 Re-humanize Medicine to Avoid Burn Out 2. Resolution No. 5002 Emerging Technologies in Family Medicine 3. Resolution No. 5003 Support Telemedicine Use in Hospice Care 4. Resolution No. 5004 Mentor Up! 5. Resolution No. 5005 Prenatal Counseling...


2018 Report of the Reference Committee on Education

...ITEM NO. 2: RESOLUTION NO. 2002: FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENCY EDUCATION 5 INVOLVING NURSE PRACTITIONERS AND PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS 6 7 RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians perform a survey to 8 residents to determine the level of interaction, instruction and/or...


2018 Report of the Reference Committee on Organization and Finance

...Student Association and the National Hispanic 25 Medical Association to create a strategic plan to increase the number of Latinx physicians 26 into the family medicine workforce, and be it further 27 28 RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians be aware of and support...


2018 Report of the Reference Committee on Practice Enhancement

...5 ITEM NO. 1: RESOLUTION NO. 5001: RE-HUMANIZE MEDICINE TO AVOID BURN OUT 6 7 RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicans create campaigns to 8 support physicians at their work place, and, be it further 9 10 RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicans...


2018-2019 Influenza Vaccine Is Effective, Says CDC

On Feb. 15, the CDC released a pair of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports that offer interim information on the 2018-2019 influenza season and address this season's flu vaccine effectiveness.


...quality metrics by patients’ race and insurance status, and advocate for policies that impose penalties for the discriminatory practice of medicine (such multi-tiered system of healthcare delivery) and for enforcement mechanisms for such penalties. Minority, New Physician, LGBT,...


2019 AAFP Member Satisfaction Survey Is Coming Soon

Active AAFP and resident members will soon have an opportunity to tell the Academy what they think about being a member and what the AAFP can do to best serve the needs of members and drive the specialty forward.

2019 NCCL Summary of Actions

...student loans once a physician enters the United States work force or qualifying non-governmental organization as a practicing family medicine primary care provider, and be it further RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians seek to advocate legislation to support...


2019 NRMP Match Marks Decade of Growth for Family Medicine

The 2019 Match numbers mark a decade of year-over-year growth for family medicine, with a total of 3,848 medical students and graduates matching into the specialty -- 313 more than in 2018.

2019 Recommendations of the AMA Opioid Task Force

...companies must have addiction medicine, addiction psychiatry and psychiatric physicians not only in the network but accepting new patients as well as mental health and substance use disorder parity coverage that is on par with medical and surgical benefits. Anything less is...

Patient Care

2020 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule: What You Need to Know

The proposed 2020 Medicare physician fee schedule is 1,704 pages long. In a much shorter In the Trenches blog post, AAFP Senior Vice President for Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy Shawn Martin highlights the key points family physicians should know.

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2020 National Residency Match Program Results: Where Does Family Medicine Stand and ...

Aug 15, 2020 - Although overshadowed by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, results of the 2020 National Residency Match Program (The Match) are in.

American Family Physician : Editorials

2020-2021 Tar Wars Program Guide

...Who Uses Hookahs? In the United States, 18- to 24-year-olds use a hookah most often, but there is an increase in the number of high school and middle school students using hookahs.28 • In a 2010 survey, 17% of 12th graders indicated they used a hookah in the past year.28 •...

Patient Care

2021 E/M Payment Boost Intact, Academy Reports

An AAFP summary of CMS' proposed 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule confirms that the increase in payment to family physicians announced last year is still set to begin in 2021.


...T argeted use of hepatitis A vaccines in the United States since 1995 has led to a dramatic decrease in the number of reported cases of hepatitis A, from 32,000 in 1990 to 7,700 in 2003,1 with most of the decrease occurring in children.2 As a result of this trend and new...

American Family Physician


...of Adults with Mental Retardation CHRISTOPHER D. PRATER, M.D., and ROBERT G. ZYLSTRA, ED.D., L.C.S.W. University of Tennessee College of Medicine, Chattanooga Unit, Chattanooga, Tennessee A pproximately 1 percent of the gen- eral population has mental retar- dation.1 The U.S....

American Family Physician


...Metropolitan Group Hospitals, Chicago, Illinois PETER P. LOPEZ, M.D., DeWitt Daughtry Family Department of Surgery, Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami, Miami, Florida E pithelial tumors of the esophagus (i.e., squamous cell and adenocar- cinoma) are responsible...

American Family Physician


...2196 American Family Physician Volume 73, Number 12 June 15, 2006 Hip Fracture fatal PE is 1.4 to 7.5 percent.6 The effectiveness of several drug treatments (e.g., heparinoids, fondaparinux [Arix- tra], warfarin [Coumadin], antiplatelet agents) for the...

American Family Physician

21st Century Medicine, 20th Century People -- FPM

Apr 1, 2015 - Sometimes technology isn't the problem.

Family Practice Management : The Last Word

22 Tips for Improving Your Practice -- FPM

Sep 1, 1999 - ‘Good enough’ is no longer good enough. For today's family practice, it's improve it or lose it.

Family Practice Management : Articles

28sixt.pdf husband and I moved from the coast of Virginia to a small town in North Carolina to hang out our shingle and dive into the business of medicine. We selected a growing, rural town that was close to urban areas but still deeply underserved by physicians. Within a month, both of us...

Family Practice Management

33 hill newpatient.qxd

...applies only to the categories of evaluation and management (E/M) services titled Office or Other Outpatient Services and Preventive Medicine Services, but as a family physician, most of the codes you sub- mit fall into these categories, and the defini- tion is hard to incorporate...

Family Practice Management


...for Musculoskeletal Conditions JOCELYN R. GRAVLEE, M.D., University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, Florida DANIEL J. VAN DURME, M.D., Florida State University College of Medicine, Tallahassee, Florida F amily physicians often must make decisions regarding the use of...

American Family Physician


...JENNIFER LEISER, MD, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah S erious mental illness (i.e., schizo- phrenia, nonaffective psychotic dis- orders, bipolar spectrum disorders, substance dependence, and suicidal- ity) affects 6 percent of adults in the United...

American Family Physician


...Amblyopia NIPA R. DOSHI, M.D., and MARIA LOURDES F. RODRIGUEZ, M.D. Drexel University College of Medicine, Warminster, Pennsylvania A mblyopia, often called lazy eye, is a decrease in visual acuity resulting from abnormal visual development in infancy and early childhood. The...

American Family Physician


...In any given week, four out of five U.S. adults will use prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs, or dietary and herbal supplements. Nearly one-third of adults take five or more different medications.1 Given the volume of medications being taken, medication-related injuries...

Family Practice Management

47 roberts.qxd

...factor in rising medical liability premiums appears to be the size of the awards, rather than the frequency of lawsuits. In Wisconsin, the number of claims filed actually decreased from 348 in 1990 to 249 in 2001.2 In 1995, the national median for jury awards was $500,000 and the...

Family Practice Management


...502 American Family Physician Volume 75, Number 4 February 15, 2007 Oral Lesions SORT: KEY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PRACTICE Clinical recommendation Evidence rating References When treating recurrent herpes labialis with systemic antivirals such as acyclovir...

American Family Physician


...conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Pre- vention showed that, in 1991, two thirds of three-year-olds had taken cough or cold medicine in the preceding 30 days.4 Because colds are common presentations in physi- cian offices, and cough and cold remedies are used almost...

American Family Physician

6 Easy Steps to Low-Cost Electronic Medical Record -- Family Practice Management

...of California-Davis Medical Group in Sacramento. Dr. Jerant is an assistant professor of clinical family medicine in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, UC-Davis. The EMR system described in this article was developed by Dr. Jue, based partly on ideas developed by John...

Family Practice Management

60-Second Survey Gives Insight Into Unmet Social Needs

Researchers found that a brief survey administered to patients helped identify obstacles to maintaining good health.


...February 15, 2006 Volume 73, Number 4 American Family Physician 637 Chronic Plaque Psoriasis psoriasis from other conditions with similar appearances such as lichen simplex chroni- cus, nummular eczema, seborrheic dermati- tis, and tinea corporis. PLAQUES...

American Family Physician

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