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October 15, 2002 - American Family Physician

...Treating Newly Diagnosed Asymptomatic Hypertension Acarbose Delays Onset of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Use of Alternative Therapies During Menopause Recognizing Suicidal Patients in Primary Care Practice Reducing Physician Delays in Diagnosing Breast Cancer...

American Family Physician

March 15, 2003 - American Family Physician

...Hypertension Should Be Confirmed Before Treatment John Sherrod Possible Side Effects Should Be Discussed with Patients Joy Adegbile Importance of Colorectal Cancer Screening Joseph S. Hurst Update on Prescribing Information for Pantoprazole Kelli Walker; Robyn G....

American Family Physician

July 1, 2003 - American Family Physician

...Potential Causes of Secondary Hypertension C. H. Schapera Tips From Other Journals Managing Asthma by Eosinophil Count Breast Cancer Subtypes Have Positive Axillary Nodes Linezolid Is the First of a New Class of Antibiotics Clinical Indicators of SARS Diagnosis...

American Family Physician

October 15, 2003 - American Family Physician

...ACE Inhibitor vs. Diuretic for Hypertension Therapy Combining Beta2 Agonists and Corticosteroids in COPD Itch: Etiology, Evaluation, and Available Treatments A Visual Tool to Aid Diabetes Control in Inner City Patients Hypoestrogenemia Is a Risk Factor for CAD in...

American Family Physician

November 1, 2003 - American Family Physician

...Systolic Hypertension Affects Balance, Gait, and Fall Risk Oral Magnesium Improves Outcomes in Patients with CAD Evaluating Older Adults with Mild Memory Problems Accuracy of Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring POEMS Effect of Bed and Pillow Covers in Allergic Rhinitis...

American Family Physician

July 15, 2004 - American Family Physician

...Is Treatment for Hypertension Aggressive Enough? Weight-Bearing Exercise and Fall Prevention in the Elderly Does Tai Chi Reduce the Risk of Falling in Older Adults? POEMS Effect of Fetal Fibronectin on Preterm Labor Can Antibiotics Prevent Recurrent MI?...

American Family Physician

November 1, 2004 - American Family Physician

...Use of Diuretics to Treat Hypertension in Diabetic Persons Ricardo Hood Inside AFP Introducing the AAFP's 2005 Annual Clinical Focus on Genomics Janis Wright Editorials Genomics and the Family Physician: Realizing the Potential Francis Collins Rhinosinusitis:...

American Family Physician

February 1, 2005 - American Family Physician

...Management of Hypertension in Older Persons Lori M. Dickerson; Maria V. Gibson Antidepressants and Antiepileptic Drugs for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Morris Maizels; Bill McCarberg Ambulatory Detoxification of Patients with Alcohol Dependence Richard D. Blondell Cultural...

American Family Physician

August 15, 2005 - American Family Physician

...Olmesartan (Benicar) for Hypertension Kristina E. Ward; Anne L. Hume Answering Clinical Questions Point-of-Care Guides Determining Prognosis for Patients with Terminal Cancer Mark H. Ebell Photo Quiz Annular Lesions Francis X. Hall; David W. Bray Curbside...

American Family Physician

May 1, 2006 - American Family Physician

...Hypertension in Children and Adolescents Gregory B. Luma; Roseann T. Spiotta Managing Opioid Addiction with Buprenorphine Paul A. Donaher; Christopher Welsh Diagnosing Rhinitis: Allergic vs. Nonallergic David A. Quillen; David B. Feller Testosterone Treatments: Why,...

American Family Physician

November 1, 2007 - American Family Physician

...Are Beta Blockers Effective First-line Treatments for Hypertension? William E. Cayley Jr. Effectiveness of Insulin Sensitizing Drugs for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Hollis Julson Photo Quiz A Toddler with Constipation, Anemia, and Abnormal Radiographic Findings Seema...

American Family Physician

July 15, 2008 - American Family Physician

...AHA Releases Guidelines for Hypertension Management in Adults with or at Risk of CAD Amber Randel STEPS Becaplermin (Regranex) for Diabetic Foot Ulcers Courtney I. Jarvis Answering Clinical Questions Point-of-Care Guides Screening Instruments for Depression...

American Family Physician

December 1, 2008 - American Family Physician

...Pharmacologic Management of Hypertension in Patients with Diabetes Karen Whalen; Robert D. Stewart Management of Varicose Veins Richard H. Jones; Peter J. Carek Departments Keeping Up to Date Tips From Other Journals Antioxidant Therapy Fails to Prevent...

American Family Physician

February 15, 2010 - American Family Physician

...Evaluation and Treatment of Severe Asymptomatic Hypertension Chad S. Kessler; Yazen Joudeh Preterm Labor William G. Sayres, Jr. Sexual Assault of Women Helen Luce; Sarina B. Schrager; Valerie Gilchrist Departments Keeping Up to Date Tips From Other Journals...

American Family Physician

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Resources to help you meet your ABFM Family Medicine Certification Requirements. CME board review, KSA working groups, METRIC and the new PerformanceNavigator.

Mar 2004

...A Tool for Evaluating Hypertension Mark H. Ebell Computers Communicating With Your Patients Online Joseph E. Scherger Balancing Act Rediscovering the Paper Planner Pamela J. Vaccaro Coding & Documentation • Prolonged Services Codes • Coding an "Interview"...

Family Practice Management

Sep 2005

...• Hypertension Management • Coding a B12 Injection • Biofeedback Training • House Visits to Hospice Patients • Billing for Initial Hospital Care • Coding a Newborn Office Visit News & Trends • Bill Would Prevent Pay Cuts, Launch Pay for Performance • New Law Aims to Shift...

Family Practice Management

September/October 2014

...Controlling Hypertension: Focusing on "Why" Makes "How" a Lot Easier Jen Brull Departments From the Editor Tools of the Trade Kenneth G. Adler Opinion Gambling on the Transition From Fee-for-Service to Value-Based Care Mark M. Nunlist ; Sean Uiterwyk ; Betsy...

Family Practice Management

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Systemic Racism and Health Disparities

The editors of several North American family medicine journals have come together to issue a call to action to confront systemic racism and eliminate health disparities to better serve patients and communities.

American Family Physician

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Choosing Wisely: Don’t order routine screening urinalysis in healthy, asymptomatic ...

Don’t order routine screening urinalysis in healthy, asymptomatic pediatric patients as part of routine well-child care.

American Family Physician : Choosing Wisely Recommendations

Choosing Wisely: Don’t initiate routine evaluation of carotid artery disease prior to ...

Don’t initiate routine evaluation of carotid artery disease prior to cardiac surgery in the absence of symptoms or other high-risk criteria.

American Family Physician : Choosing Wisely Recommendations

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This AAFP METRIC asthma module takes you step by step through a performance improvement project aimed at improving patient asthma care.

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Infant and Child Health Clinical Recommendations and Guidelines. Clinical recommendations help family physicians make evidence-based decisions about treatment and prevention of disease.

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...Setting a goal, identifying the right patients, and implementing team care can help bring hypertension under control. January/February 2016 Issue Ring In the New Year With Five Five-Star Apps [SPPACES: App Reviews] From keeping up with preventive service recommendations...

Family Practice Management

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How to collect patient vitals for telehealth visits, including AWVs -- FPM

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently clarified how physicians can collect biometric data for Medicare annual wellness visits from patients who are in their homes.

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Family Practice Management

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Family Practice Management

Keynoter Outlines Do’s and Don’ts of Debunking False Science

Main-stage speaker Timothy Caulfield, Ph.D., schooled 2020 Family Medicine Experience virtual attendees on the finer points of recognizing and responding to misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and a host of other scientific topics.

Political Panel: Post-election Health Care Forecast

A political panel on navigating the health care landscape at the 2020 virtual Family Medicine Experience offered insights from two veteran political operatives.

U.S. Must Work to Improve Maternal Mortality Rate

Ada Stewart, M.D., writes that a physician’s recent death due to complications from pregnancy is a grim reminder that the United States must do more to address maternal mortality.

AAFP News : AAFP Leader Voices | AAFP News Blog : Blogs

Enhance Racial Disparities Training, Say Primary Care Residents

Researchers surveyed primary care residents to determine their awareness of racial disparities in diabetes and how prepared they feel to discuss these disparities with patients.

Food is Health Pilot Improves Patients' Diabetes Markers

A residency program has discovered an innovative way to encourage and facilitate good nutrition in patients with diabetes whose households also struggle with food insecurity.

Obesity Education in Family Medicine Clerkships Falls Short

New research on obesity education in family medicine clerkships shows gaps that may leave future family physicians inadequately prepared to treat patients with this condition.

Leading From Within the Health Care System

Ajoy Kumar, M.D., realized as an intern just how broken our health care system is. He's been working to change that ever since.

Health Equity Fellow Targets Obesity in Clinic, Community

AAFP Health Equity Fellow Keisha Harvey, M.D., has embarked on a broad campaign to address obesity with efforts in physician offices and throughout the community.

FP Delivers Essential, Full-scope Care for Rural Community

Family physician Zita Magloire, M.D., delivered nearly 90 babies in her small community last year and is determined to show medical students and residents that they can incorporate obstetrics in their practices, too.

AAFP Voices Concern About New 'Public Charge' Rule

The AAFP has joined a call for the Department of Homeland Security to rescind a new public charge regulation that creates an unacceptable barrier between physicians and their patients.

Insufficient Evidence on CVD-related Screening, Risk Assessment

On July 10, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force released two final recommendation statements and accompanying final evidence reviews related to screening for cardiovascular disease using the ankle-brachial index and other nontraditional risk factors.

HealthLandscape Introduces Population Health Profiler

HealthLandscape, an innovation the AAFP acquired in 2014, has released its new Community Vital Signs Population Health Profiler, a free tool that could be incredibly helpful for family physicians.

USPSTF: Screen All Adults for Unhealthy Alcohol Use

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force this week issued a draft recommendation statement calling for primary care clinicians to screen all adults for unhealthy alcohol use and provide brief behavioral counseling to those with a positive screening result.

FDA Issues Recall Alert for Some Drugs Containing Valsartan

The FDA recently issued multiple safety alerts announcing voluntary recalls of drug products containing the active ingredient valsartan from a specific supply source.

Study Examines Role of Various Factors in Hearing Aid Use

A new study examines the socioeconomic factors that determine whether a person with hearing loss owns or uses hearing aids, while recent legislation aims to make it easier for people to afford these types of devices.

Women's Health Council Asks for FP Survey Participants

The Council on Patient Safety in Women's Health Care is asking family physicians to complete its quick survey to inform new resources for its patient safety bundles.

USPSTF: More Research Needed on Screening for Lead Exposure

In a draft statement, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said current evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms of screening for elevated blood lead levels in children and asymptomatic pregnant women.

AHA/ACC Issue New Cholesterol Management Guideline

On Nov. 10, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology released a new cholesterol guideline that includes recommendations for more personalized risk assessments and new cholesterol-lowering drug options for people at the highest risk for cardiovascular disease.

AAFP Affirms Value of New Cholesterol Management Guideline

The AAFP recently gave its "affirmation of value" designation to a cholesterol management guideline jointly developed by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association.

AAFP Backs Breastfeeding, Lactation for Medical Trainees

The AAFP has updated its policy supporting breastfeeding and lactation accommodations for medical trainees, which other medical organizations plan to use as model policy for their members.

Childhood Obesity Report Delivers Mixed Results

A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report on childhood obesity found that although overall obesity rates remain high, they have begun to stabilize -- and even decrease -- in some populations.

Cannabis Use in Older Adults Continues Upward Trend

A recent analysis of patient data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that cannabis use among older adults increased steadily between 2015 and 2018.

Survey Tracks COVID-19's Effects on Delayed Medical Care

Results of a CDC survey indicate that more than 40% of American adults have avoided or delayed receiving medical care due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

USPSTF: Offer Interventions for Healthy Weight in Pregnancy

On Dec. 8, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force posted a draft recommendation statement and draft evidence review on behavioral counseling interventions to promote healthy weight and weight gain during pregnancy.

Yes, There's a Doctor on Board -- and She's a Family Physician

Kim Yu, M.D., writes that two in-flight emergencies during an international flight taught her important lessons about teamwork, collaboration and communication.

Spread the Word on May 22: FPs Treat Body and Mind

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. AAFP President Michael Munger, M.D., invites FPs to join a National Day of Action to let people know that when they need help, their family physician is a good place to start.

PrEP Your High-risk Patients to Help Protect Them From HIV

Jeffrey Kirchner, D.O., AAHIVS, outlines how family physicians can determine whether a patient could benefit from pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent transmission of HIV.

Study: High-deductible Plans May Impede Preventive Care

A recent study found that individuals with high-deductible health plans but no health savings accounts are less likely to see primary care physicians, receive preventive care or seek subspecialty services.

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