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AAFP, ACP Release New Acute Pain Clinical Guideline

A new clinical guideline from the AAFP and the American College of Physicians recommends topical NSAIDs as first-line therapy for acute non-low back pain.

AAFP News : Patient Care

'Think Big' to Reimagine Family Medicine, Speakers Advise

For their virtual mainstage event at the 2020 National Conference, AAFP CEO/EVP Shawn Martin and Farzad Mostashari, M.D., M.P.H., talked about the future of family medicine.


Be Prepared: Program Directors Offer Advice on Virtual Match

Program directors Deborah Clements, M.D., and Kristina Diaz, M.D., offered students advice on navigating the virtual match during a session at the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students.


HHS Issues Reporting Requirements for COVID-19 Testing

HHS has imposed new reporting requirements that implement the agency's June guidance establishing national standards for data elements and patient demographic information related to COVID-19 testing that must be collected and reported.

AAFP News : Practice and Career

During COVID-19 Pandemic, Public Health Is Personal

In this FPs on the Front Lines blog post, Jennifer Bacani McKenney, M.D., relates the challenges of trying to protect the community she grew up in during a pandemic as a family physician and county health officer.

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Yes, You Can Practice Full-scope Family Medicine

MaryAnn Dakkak, M.D., M.S.P.H.; writes in the Fresh Perspectives blog that finding a job that allows her to use the full scope of her family medicine training was worth the second effort.

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AAFP Seeks Candidates for 2020-2021 Health Equity Fellowship

The AAFP and Association of Family Medicine Residency Directors are seeking applicants for the 2020-2021 Health Equity Fellowship; applications are due by Oct. 1.

AAFP News : Patient Care

AAFP Updates Unhealthy Drug Use, OUD Screening Guidance

The AAFP has published an updated recommendation statement on screening for unhealthy drug use and a separate recommendation on screening for opioid use disorder, which differ somewhat from guidance issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

AAFP News : Patient Care

National Conference Panelist's Message: Speak Out and Lead

Tamieka Howell, M.D., wants other women and minorities to see that they can do what she's done: fill leadership roles at state and national levels.

AAFP News : Family Doc Focus

Cancel Save and Close Return-to-School Guidelines Should be Evidence-Based and Flexible

Return-to-School Guidelines Should be Evidence-Based and Flexible.

AAFP News : Media Center

Despite Challenges, Virtual Match Can Bring Positive Change

Kelly Thibert, D.O., M.P.H., writes in the Leader Voices Blog that a virtual Match process will present challenges as well as opportunities for both medical students and residency programs.

AAFP News : Blogs

Fact: The Pandemic Is About People, Not Politics

MaryAnn Dakkak, M.D., M.S.P.H., writes in the Fresh Perspectives blog that she is devastated by politicians and other officials telling the public that physicians aren't to be trusted regarding COVID-19.

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FMAP Needs Long-term Bolstering, Say AAFP, Other Groups

A federal medical assistance percentage boost of at least 12% is vital to the nation's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the AAFP and more than 100 other groups told Congress in a recent letter.

AAFP News : Advocacy and Government

S.C. Family Physician Is Newly Named AMA President-elect

During last month's Special Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates, South Carolina family physician Gerald Harmon, M.D., of Georgetown, was named the organization's president-elect.

AAFP News : Practice and Career

USPSTF Recommends Lung Cancer Screening With Low-dose CT

On July 7, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued a draft recommendation statement, draft evidence review and draft decision analysis on screening for lung cancer.

AAFP News : Patient Care

Health System Preparedness, Resilience Depend on PC, Says AAFP

In separate letters to HHS and senate health committee leaders, the AAFP called for a sharper primary care strategy to better prepare the health care system for public health emergencies.

AAFP News : Advocacy and Government

Telemedicine Is Worthy of Payers' Long-term Investment

John Cullen, M.D., writes that telemedicine has proven its worth during the pandemic. Now payers must ensure its viability as a long-term solution.

AAFP News : Blogs

Unemployment During Pandemic Amounts to a One-Two Punch

Kyle Leggott, M.D., writes in the Fresh Perspectives blog that the pandemic -- and the higher unemployment rates it has caused -- has exposed the precarious nature of employer-sponsored health insurance.

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ACA's Vital Progress Again in Jeopardy

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear another challenge to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, AAFP Senior Vice President of Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy Stephanie Quinn writes in the In the Trenches blog that the focus should be on building on aspects of the ...

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Lock In Telehealth Flexibility, Protections, Says AAFP

In two recent letters, the AAFP and other groups asked Congress for permanent telehealth flexibility and laid out principles to ensure ongoing virtual care success.

AAFP News : Advocacy and Government

CDC Issues Guidance on Immunizations During Pandemic

The CDC has issued new interim guidance for family physicians and other clinicians on providing immunization services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AAFP News : Patient Care

Studies Examine Antibiotic Resistance, Stewardship Issues

New research suggests a link between increased influenza vaccine uptake and reduced antibiotic prescription rates, while a second study examines primary care physicians' attitudes about antibiotic stewardship.

AAFP News : Patient Care

Care for Special Populations in Pandemic Adds Challenges

From masks and social distancing to closing group homes, Kyle Jones, M.D., writes in the FPs on the Front Lines blog that physicians caring for patients with intellectual or other developmental disabilities face added challenges with COVID-19.

AAFP News : Blogs

Pandemic Exposes Flaws in Health Care Payment System

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the many challenges that the fee-for-service system presents to primary care. In this In the Trenches blog post, AAFP Senior Vice President of Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy Stephanie Quinn examines what needs to change.

AAFP News : Blogs

Study Examines Community-based Lung Cancer Screening

Results of a recent Annals of Family Medicine study indicate that under the right conditions, lung cancer screenings can be performed safely and effectively in the community health setting.

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