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Lifestyle Medicine Is My Prescription for Better Health

Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, M.D., is determined to convince his patients that a healthy diet, exercise and adequate rest are better than any medication he can prescribe.

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AAFP to HRSA: Primary Care Services Best Delivered by FPs

The AAFP has responded to a request for information from the Health Resources and Services Administration regarding rural communities' access to health care services. Noting that 17% of AAFP members currently practice in rural areas, the Academy said FPs are best-suited to deliver ...

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AAFP Renews Push for Site-neutral Payment

The Academy continued its extensive advocacy for site-neutral payment in a recent round of letters to CMS and Congress, saying that such payment parity would encourage patients to make decisions based on quality rather than cost.

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It Started With One Question: What Is High-value Care?

Health policy wonk Kyle Leggott, M.D., and direct primary care physician Allison Edwards, M.D., debate the flaws and potential fixes of our health care system in this wide-ranging QandA.

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AAFP Welcomes Proposed Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels

The Academy praised a proposed rule that would add stark warning labels to cigarette packs and called on regulators to go further to protect youth from nicotine.

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Screen Pregnant Patients for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria

On Sept. 24, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force posted a final recommendation statement and final evidence summary on screening for asymptomatic bacteriuria in adults, recommending that all pregnant patients be screened.

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Should Physician Leaders Stay Active in Patient Care?

As a new physician in a leadership role, Natasha Bhuyan, M.D., ponders the need for physician leaders to stay active in patient care in this Fresh Perspectives blog post.

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Become a Family Medicine Discovers RapSDI Scholar

The Family Medicine Discovers Rapid Cycle Scientific Discovery and Innovation initiative is currently accepting applications from FPs interested in conducting innovative, short-term clinical research projects.


Cut Red Tape for Family Physicians, AAFP Tells Congress

AAFP President John Cullen, M.D., spoke to the House Committee on Small Business on Sept. 11 to make clear how administrative burdens harm physicians and their patients.

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Research Lacking on Screening for Cognitive Impairment

On Sept. 10, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force posted a draft recommendation statement and draft evidence review on screening for cognitive impairment in older adults, citing insufficient evidence to assess the balance of benefits and harms of screening for impairment in these ...

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AAFP Offers CMS Improvements to Proposed 2020 MPFS

The AAFP recently responded to CMS' proposed 2020 Medicare physician fee schedule with a 61-page letter that focused on issues of importance to family physicians.

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DPC Doc Shares Vision in State Leadership Role

Molly Rutherford, M.D., M.P.H., combined addiction medicine and direct primary care in one practice. Now Rutherford, the Kentucky AFP's Board chair, is letting others know her model works.

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AAFP Rolls Out New Well-being Assessment Tool

As part of its ongoing effort to help family physicians increase professional satisfaction and fulfillment, the Academy has added a new assessment resource -- the Physician Well-being Index -- to its Physician Health First portal.

AAFP News : Focus on Physician Well-being

AAFP Releases Marijuana, Cannabinoids Position Paper

The AAFP's new marijuana and cannabinoids position paper describes marijuana and related substance misuse as "complex issues impacting family medicine, patient health and public health."

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AHA v. Azar Decision Preserves System That Increases Patient Costs, Decreases Patient ...

AHA v. Azar Decision Preserves System That Increases Patient Costs, Decreases Patient Choices

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AAFP Objects to Planned End of Medicaid Access Rule

The AAFP advised CMS not to rescind the Medicaid access rule and pointed out that boosting payment rates would do more to help beneficiaries access health care.

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Emerging Leader Institute Names Best Project Winners

The AAFP Foundation has announced the Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute award recipients from its 2018 class, including the overall best project award winners.


AAFP Tools Offer Pointers on Assessing Patients for STIs

Family physicians are ideally positioned to educate patients about the dangers of sexually transmitted infections, screen for these infections and provide appropriate care. New AAFP resources on STIs aim to help them do just that.

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AAFP to Congress: Reauthorize THCGME Program Now

The AAFP is pressing Congress to reauthorize funding for the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education program before it expires Sept. 30 and urges members to join a Speak Out campaign on this critical issue.

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AAFP Joins Renewed Demand for Critical Gun Reforms

The Academy and six fellow medical organizations again urged Congress to enact "critical, common-sense" policies to reduce the threat of firearms violence their patients face.

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Newly Released Tools Support HHS Plan to End HIV Epidemic

On Sept. 3, the CDC released a suite of communication tools and resources to support efforts to prevent the spread of HIV infection and help keep those infected with HIV healthy.

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Surgeon General Issues Advisory on Risks of Marijuana Use

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, M.D., M.P.H., recently issued an advisory on the health risks associated with marijuana use in adolescents and pregnant women, warning that no amount of the drug has been deemed safe.

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AAFP Gives HHS Guidance on Pain Management, Opioid Crisis

The Academy responded to an HHS request for information with advice for ensuring that family physicians are able to address patient needs regarding chronic pain and opioid misuse.

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CDC Provides Interim Guidance, Update on Vaping Illness

On Sept. 6, CDC officials hosted a telebriefing to provide an update on the agency's investigation into more than 450 cases of serious lung illness possibly associated with use of e-cigarette products.

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AAFP to House Small Business Committee: Mandatory Prior Authorizations For Needed ...

AAFP to house small business committee: mandatory prior authorizations for needed medical services delays care, increases costs.

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