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...maternal- infant separation; infant feeding difficulties at the breast; the possibility of prolonged pumping; and the emotional and physical stress of juggling personal care with other commitments to her family, job, and newborn. When family physicians work as part of a medical team...

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...• Lower patient satisfaction and care quality, • Higher medical error rates and malpractice risk, • Higher physician and staff turnover, • Physician alcohol and drug abuse and addiction, • Physician suicide. Yes, burnout can be a fatal disorder. Suicide rates for both men and...

Family Practice Management

A Must-Do List for the Departing Physician -- Family Practice Management today’s health care environment as costs escalate, reimbursement declines and the malprac-tice crisis continues. Normal workplace stresses are exacerbated by longer hours, less pay and zero tolerance for error, which can lead to fractured relationships among partners or employed...

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Cashing in on House Calls -- Family Practice Management

...Ongoing expenses include cell phone, fax line, Internet access, auto maintenance, license renewal fees and malpractice insurance, if you carry it. I don’t. Malpractice insurance is especially high in my state, and my risk is relatively low because I have a low-volume practice, do...

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FPM Peer Reviewer Survey

A survey of areas of expertise for FPM peer reviewers

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The FPM Practice Self-Test

...41. I am aware of the stress/anxiety in my life, and I am managing it effectively. A. How well does this statement describe your own practice? Does not describe at all Describes somewhat Describes extremely well 0 1 2 3 4 B. How important is it for family...

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...41. I am aware of the stress/anxiety in my life, and I am managing it effectively. A. How well does this statement describe you? Does not Describes Describes describe at all somewhat extremely well 0 1 2 3 4 B. How important is it for family physicians to be able to do...

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Expanding Your Practice Through Niche Services -- Family Practice Management

...Taking into account monthly costs of $2,000 for the laser loans, $1,000 for extra malpractice insurance (which some insur- ance companies will require) and $250 for marketing, Brideau’s practice nets about $3,125 per month, which translates to almost $100,000 after 2.5 years....

Family Practice Management

Family Practice Management

...and injections, trigger point injec- tions, tendon and tendon sheath injections, simple- and moderate-complexity fracture care, treadmill stress tests and an array of hospital procedures. This scope wouldn’t make sense in every practice, but it does work for mine. If you do...

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...that she had also lost both of her parents and her husband. It was later estab- lished that the patient was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. It is important to note the identification number of the interpreters in your progress note so that you can give their agency...

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...found that the most commonly reported barriers to reducing overuse included malpractice con- cern, patient requests for services, lack of time for shared decision making, and tests recommended by subspecialists.10 Increasing awareness of the Choosing Wisely recommendations is an...

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AAFP Letter to CMS with Final Comments on the 2019 Proposed Medicare Physician Fee ...

...RVUs Malpractice RVUs Total RVUs 99202-99205 1.90 1.69 0.14 3.73 99212-99215 1.22 1.25 0.08 2.55 CMS believes it has identified three types of E/M visits that differ from the typical E/M visit and are not appropriately reflected in the current office/outpatient E/M code set...


Amicus Brief: Texas v United States - April 1, 2019

In defense of significant coverage gains and key patient protection provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the American Medical Association (AMA) and other leading physician organizations today filed an amicus brief in the case of Texas v. United States.


Strolling Through the Match

Free Match guidebook for getting into family medicine residency

Med School and Residency

Big Ideas to Help Your Practice Thrive -- Family Practice Management

...In late 2003, a year marked by rising malpractice insurance premiums, HIPAA compliance deadlines, ongo-ing reimbursement struggles and questions about the future of family medicine, the editors of Family Practice Management decided enough was enough. Determined to counter the tumultuous...

Family Practice Management

Three Steps to an Effective Practice Budget -- Family Practice Management

...may wish to further expand the list. For example, a group practice may want to add catego- ries that will allow it to individually track malpractice insurance, staffing or supplies by physician. Or a practice may want to add a temporary category for special events (e.g., relocation,...

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Are You Ready for Maintenance of Certification? -- Family Practice Management

...from a process of recertification (e.g., through a cognitive exam administered every seven years) to maintenance of certification, which stresses lifelong learning and ongoing improvement. The move was made in response to public concerns about health care safety and qual- ity, as...

Family Practice Management

2019 NCCL Summary of Actions in nutrition, physical activity, behavior change, sleep health, tobacco cessation, alcohol use reduction, emotional wellness, and stress reduction. Adopted Commission on Governmental Advocacy 2005 Longitudinal Electronic Medical Record Training Substitute: RESOLVED,...


14 Alternative Practice Styles -- Family Practice Management

...are usually transferred to public hospitals. And vacation and holiday time off is guaranteed. In other words, no one has ever died from the stress of being a prison doctor. If you work at a women’s correctional facility, you will need gynecological skills; obstetrical skills are a...

Family Practice Management

A Job-Share Model for the New Millennium -- Family Practice Management for valid and complex reasons, including the need to protect their personal lives. In some cases, the result has fragmented care, stressed the doctor-patient relationship and placed heavy productivity demands on physicians, who must provide a high number of office visits to...

Family Practice Management


...with experiencing worry, depression, fear or hopelessness,5 as is having a psychiatric diagnosis such as schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder or drug abuse.6 Health status. Looking at patients with chronic disease has shown some consistent pat- terns. Patients with...

Family Practice Management

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