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...Daily gatherings of your care team can help you meet daily challenges. May 2007 Issue Getting Beyond Blame in Your Practice [Feature] If your group is prone to blame, accusation and finger-pointing, your improvement efforts will be doomed. Apr 2007 Issue...

Family Practice Management

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...The mere fact that we talk about access to care is a sign of serious illness in the health care system. May 2007 Issue TransforMed Tries to Rebuild Family Medicine [Feature] The national demonstration project nears the halfway mark with many hard lessons already learned....

Family Practice Management

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...The mere fact that we talk about access to care is a sign of serious illness in the health care system. May 2007 Issue TransforMed Tries to Rebuild Family Medicine [Feature] The national demonstration project nears the halfway mark with many hard lessons already learned....

Family Practice Management

Study: Talking About Medication Costs Yields Rewards

Researchers found that a 60-minute training intervention with physician practices helped increase the frequency of cost-of-medication conversations with patients, which, in turn, enabled clinicians to identify those for whom cost was a specific barrier.

The EveryONE Project Unveils Latest Toolkit

The EveryONE Project from the AAFP has launched the latest iteration of its comprehensive toolkit to help family physicians address social determinants of health in their practices and communities.

Clinical Health Coach

Clinical Health Coach

Want to Learn to Lead Change to Achieve Physician Well-being?

The Academy is offering members a free opportunity to learn how to lead change to boost physician well-being in the workplace, thanks to a collaboration between the AAFP and United Health Foundation.

AAFP Gives Proposed Transparency Rules Cautious Thumbs-up

Regulations on transparency of prices and cost-sharing and rules on medical loss ratios must focus on patients, the AAFP said in response to a CMS proposed rule on value-based payment models.

Study Tests Protocol to Expand Use of Medical Translators

Recent research identified benefits and drawbacks to a protocol in which medical assistants arranged for language translation during the rooming process -- before the clinician ever entered the room.

Medical Orgs Decry Attempt to Alter State Laws for APRNs

The AAFP joined more than 80 other medical organizations in objecting to interstate licensure compact language that is intended to grant advanced practice registered nurses prescriptive authority and allow them to practice independently.

Study Shows Physicians, Nurses How They Talk to Each Other

A study published in BMJ Quality and Safety suggests that both professional trust and patient safety can be increased by enabling physicians and nurses to reflect on their communication with each other.

Danielle M. Carter, MD

Resident Member - Danielle Carter, MD

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Board of Directors

Learn more about the AAFP Board of Directors. Members can access minutes and historical information about the AAFP Board.

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Joint Letter on Expanding Scope of Practice for Non-professional Health Care Providers ...

...The undersigned medical associations and medical specialty societies are writing to register serious concerns with the Health Care Professional Practice in VA Memorandum (Memorandum) issued by the Office of the Under Secretary of Health on April 21, 2020, and underlying Directive...


Identifying Priorities Is First Step to Better Outcomes

Researchers recently designed and tested a waiting room Visit Planner tool that aims to help patients identify and voice their top priorities for the visit before seeing their physician.

AAFP Letter to HHS on Title X Proposed Rule - May 13, 2021

The AAFP strongly supports efforts to restore and strengthen the Title X program, the only federal grant program dedicated to improving access to preventive care for low-income patients.


Editorial Mission and Policies

The editorial mission and policies of FPM journal

Family Practice Management

Study Examines Community-based Lung Cancer Screening

Results of a recent Annals of Family Medicine study indicate that under the right conditions, lung cancer screenings can be performed safely and effectively in the community health setting.

Workforce Tactic Team Sets Stage to Increase Ranks of FPs

A recent article in Family Medicine sums up the outcomes of three years of work by the Family Medicine for America's Health Workforce Education and Development Tactic Team.

Care Management in the Real World: A Small, Private Practice's Journey

...Care Management in the Real World: A Small, Private Practice’s Journey Through the addition of a care management function, practices can help high-risk patients navigate complex conditions and vulnerable care transitions. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Dr. Hodge is director of...

Family Practice Management

...Health Care, Confidentiality (/content/aafp/about/policies/all/adolescent- confidentiality.content.pdflist.html) Adolescent Health Care, Role of the Family Physician (/content/aafp/about/policies/all/adolescent- role.content.pdflist.html) Adolescent Health Care, Sexuality and...

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Students Optimistic About Future of Family Medicine

After a chaotic 2020, we asked four AAFP student leaders what they are excited about regarding the future of family medicine. Here is what they shared.

AAFP Guides Agencies Away From Alternative Payment Roadblocks

In letters to CMS and HHS' Office of the Inspector General, the Academy counseled regulators to make sure self-referral rules do not hinder practice transformation through new payment models.

Student Choice of Family Medicine, Incentives for Increasing

Read AAFP's position on strategies and incentives to encourage medical students' choice of family medicine as a career.

About AAFP |AAFP Policies and Recommendations

AAFP Letter to CMS on Section 5 of EO #13890 Regarding Supervision Requirements of ... care professionals on standardized training criteria and demonstrated experience and competence in patient care. Furthermore, we believe that state governments and their medical boards are better positioned to make these determinations and administer oversight of health care...


Publications of the AAFP NRN

Explore the listing of AAFP NRN publications.

MACRAnyms: Acronyms and Terms Related to MACRA's Quality Payment Program

A list of MACRA-related acronyms for easy reference.

NAM Publishes New Research on Opioid Tapering

The National Academy of Medicine recently published a discussion paper on best practices for opioid tapering for patients with chronic non-cancer pain.

AAFP Reprint No 289C Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Family Medicine Residents ...

More and more, physicians are being asked to help improve the quality of health care provided to patients. They are often part of a team comprised of physicians, non-physician health care professionals, and medical and non-medical support staff. Training and education in quality ...

Med School and Residency

PowerPoint Presentation

...of primary care systems throughout the world. What you’ll learn more about here is what this means day to day: we’ll be looking at how family physicians live and work, why the future of the specialty is bright, and what sets family medicine apart from similar primary care fields....

Med School and Residency

Treating Opioid Use Disorder as a Chronic Condition

...Chronic Pain Management and Opioid Misuse: A Public Health Concern, supports integrated chronic care management with medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as part of a comprehensive primary care practice to address opioid dependence .3 MAT for OUDs has been shown to significantly...

Patient Care

July/August 2017

...Treating Anxiety and Depression in Primary Care: Reducing Barriers to Access Karen Colorafi; Jillian Vanselow; Tiffany Nelson Building Capacity to Care for Refugees Jeffrey Walden; Olga Valdman; Ranit Mishori; Martha Carlough Reducing Frustration and Increasing...

Family Practice Management

July/August 2017

...Treating Anxiety and Depression in Primary Care: Reducing Barriers to Access Karen Colorafi; Jillian Vanselow; Tiffany Nelson Building Capacity to Care for Refugees Jeffrey Walden; Olga Valdman; Ranit Mishori; Martha Carlough Reducing Frustration and Increasing...

Family Practice Management

Incorporating Lifestyle Medicine into Everyday Family Practice

...Table 1 . Incorporating the Lifestyle Medicine Approach in the Clinical Care Team . . . . 10 Table 2 . Lifestyle Medicine Assessment Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Accompanying Handouts 1 . Leading Change: Incorporating Lifestyle Medicine...

Patient Care


...TEAM-BASED CARE: Saving Time and Improving Efficiency Kevin D. Hopkins, MD, and Christine A. Sinsky, MD This used to be the start of a typical day in my (Dr. Hopkins’) office: 18-25 patient visits on the schedule, 30 test results in my inbox, and 20 phone encounters that I...

Family Practice Management

Behavioral Health and Tobacco Cessation

Participate in the Office Champions Tobacco Cessation Behavioral Health project.

Increasing Adult Pneumococcal Immunization Rates Through AAFP State Chapters

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and Pfizer Independent Grants for Learning and Change (IGLC) grants are being utilized to support quality improvement (QI) initiatives that will increase adult pneumococcal vaccination rates through three AAFP state chapters: Kansas, ...

It’s Official: AAFP TIPS Is Now Free to Members

One of the Academy’s premier practice enhancement tools ― AAFP TIPS ― is now available to members free of charge. Choose from multiple topics designed to help you tackle a specific aspect of practice.

Taking Care of Disadvantaged Patients

...Taking Care of Disadvantaged Patients Commentary by PATRICIA CZAPP, MD, Anne Arundel Medical Center, Annapolis, Maryland Case scenarios are writ- ten to express typical situations that family physicians may encounter; authors remain anony- mous. Send scenarios to

American Family Physician

Frontotemporal Dementia: A Review for Primary Care Physicians

...Frontotemporal Dementia: A Review for Primary Care Physicians ROBERTO CARDARELLI, DO, MPH, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, Texas ANDREW KERTESZ, MD, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada JANICE A. KNEBL, DO, University of North Texas...

American Family Physician


The AAFP's EveryONE Project promotes diversity and addresses social determinants of health to advance health equity in all communities. Use this toolkit to improve your patients' health and help them thrive.

AAFP NRN Newsletter


Hold an Provider Course

Learn how to offer an Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) Provider Course in your area.

Sponsor Questions

Sponsors can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the AAFP's Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO).

USPSTF Takes First Step to Address Opioid Use Disorder

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently posted a draft research plan on preventing opioid use disorder that includes a focus on interventions to prevent initiation or minimize use of opioids, inviting public comment until Jan. 16.

Coding Changes for Family Medicine in 2018

...COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT AND CARE PLAN SERVICES A new CPT code enables payment for the in-depth assessment and care planning that is often needed for patients who are suffering from cognitive decline. Code 99483, Assessment of and care planning for a patient with cognitive...

Family Practice Management

NY Physicians, Health Officials Create EVALI Assessment Tool

A diverse group of medical professionals and public health officials, including a team of physicians at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, N.Y., recently created a vaping-related lung illness assessment tool.

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AAFP members frequently receive various honors or are named to leadership positions. During the past two months, a pair of Academy members were so recognized.

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