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4. Measure Your Success

Step 4: Measure your success

5. Spread the Change to Others

Spread the change to others

6. Sustain the Improvement Over Time

Step 6: Sustain the improvement over time

60-Second Survey Gives Insight Into Unmet Social Needs

Researchers found that a brief survey administered to patients helped identify obstacles to maintaining good health.


...The Authors TANYA M. MEDINA, M.D., is in private practice in Kissimmee, Fla. Dr. Medina completed a fellowship in family practice obstetrics at Florida Hospital, Orlando. She is a graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Robert Wood Johnson Medical School,...

American Family Physician


...intraabdominal bleeding. Obstetric complications include IUGR, placental abruption, and fetal demise.12 HELLP Syndrome. The acronym HELLP describes a variant of severe preeclampsia characterized by hemo- lysis, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelet count.31 HELLP syndrome...

American Family Physician

A Champion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity

When Jennifer Edgoose, M.D., M.P.H., objected to the lack of diversity in her residency program, her department chair challenged her to do something about it. She didn't stop there.

A Diagnostic Approach to Pruritus

...Cholestasis of pregnancy, obstetric cholestasis, jaundice of pregnancy, pruritus gravidarum, prurigo gravidarum, icterus gravidarum Third trimester Tends to recur in subsequent pregnancies Sudden onset of intense pruritus Often starts on palms or soles, then becomes...

American Family Physician

A Diagnostic Approach to Pruritus - American Family Physician

Jul 15, 2011 - Pruritus can be a symptom of a distinct dermatologic condition or of an occult underlying systemic disease. Of the patients referred to a dermatologist for generalized pruritus with no apparent primary cutaneous cause, 14 to 24 percent have a systemic etiology. In the absence of a ...

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A Familiar Voice for Family Medicine

His prolific work as a family medicine researcher has given Douglas Kamerow, M.D., M.P.H., global platforms where he can discuss important health issues.

A Group Practice Disagrees About Offering Contraception - Curbside Consultation - ...

Mar 15, 2002 - This case concerns the justification of moral constraints that a physician group decides to apply to itself in the provision of patient services. Family physicians confront this issue with regard to reproductive medical services and state laws such as those in Oregon regarding ...

American Family Physician : Curbside Consultation

A Job-Share Model for the New Millenium -- FPM

Sep 1, 2002 - This approach to family practice assures continuity of care for your patients as well as a healthy life balance and a decent paycheck for you.

Family Practice Management : Articles

A Job-Share Model for the New Millennium -- Family Practice Management

...OB = Obstetrics S = Surgery assistant September 2002 ■ / fpm ■ F A M I L Y P R A C T I C E M A N A G E M E N T ■ 31 circle of care. ➤ Benefits Professional. The benefits of a job-share arrangement like ours include continued pro- fessional growth and...

Family Practice Management

A Major Medical Error - Curbside Consultation - American Family Physician

Mar 1, 2001 - Virtually all of us have faced the awful realization that we have made a serious error. Almost as chilling is the prospect of telling the patient or family members about the error.

American Family Physician : Curbside Consultation

A Needed Role Model and Advocate for Family Medicine

Family physician Andrea Anderson, M.D., has helped her specialty take root at a school that had lacked a family medicine presence.

A New Approach to Recruitment and Retention

A New Approach to Recruitment and Retention

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A Note About Clinical Preventive Service Recommendations

Read about the development of clinical preventive service recommendations, and a list of AAFP recommendations that differ from the USPSTF.

|AAFP Policies and Recommendations

A Primary Care Checklist for Medical Schools

Medical schools vary in their approach to including primary care in their overall curriculum. Use this checklist to look for programs that support family medicine.

A Shoe-in for Malpractice - Curbside Consultation - American Family Physician

Aug 1, 2003 - The questions being asked in this case scenario can be consolidated into one, Should I continue as this patient's physician? An attorney's typical answer to such a query is often a cautious It depends. In this case, a more definite answer is appropriate: No.

American Family Physician : Curbside Consultation

AAFP Adds Five New 'Choosing Wisely' Recommendations

The AAFP has added five new recommendations to its Choosing Wisely list, which highlights medical tests, treatments and procedures that may be medically unnecessary and should be discussed with patients.

AAFP Adds New Livestream Platform CME Options

The AAFP is offering a new livestreaming CME format for two upcoming musculoskeletal and sports care and two adult medicine courses. Each topic will be offered in two formats: six half-day sessions during a three-day event or one 90-minute session every week for 12 weeks.

AAFP Adds Voice to Lawsuit Calling for DACA Preservation

In an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court, the AAFP and 32 other medical organizations are arguing to preserve the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

AAFP Adopts New ACCME Standards

View the new ACCME Standards that AAFP has adopted and will be implemented in January 2022.

AAFP Adopts Principles for Administrative Simplification

The AAFP has released a set of principles dedicated to reducing the administrative burden on family physicians so they can spend more time caring for patients.

AAFP Advises CMS on Making Value-based Model Work for FPs

The AAFP responded to a CMS request for information with suggestions on refining one of the five new payment models the agency announced this spring.

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